Bills on energy infrastructure, benefits for firefighters

The 112th General Assembly has adjourned for 2022, and it was a very successful year. We have taken measures for Tennessee to be a better place to live, work and to raise a family. I will go over the laws passed this session over the next few weeks.

Protecting critical energy infrastructure

To ensure Tennessee’s energy infrastructure can support the state’s economic demands for reliable and affordable fuel, a new laws local governments from blocking the development of such infrastructure, while preserving local zoning authority. The law applies to storage tanks, pipelines, gas transmission lines and other infrastructure critical to fuel economy and meet transportation and manufacturing needs.

Energy infrastructure often crosses multiple county lines, so one locality should not have the authority to outright ban energy infrastructure, especially when that infrastructure serves the vital needs of the people of an entire state. Industries involved in energy and energy infrastructure are some of the most highly regulated in the state. Many federal laws already regulate safety aspects of pipeline construction and maintenance.

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