Emergent nets another manufacturing deal, this time for Ridgeback’s Ebola treatment – ​​Endpoints News

While Covid-19 and monkeypox currently dominate headlines and social health priorities, government officials aren’t forgetting about Ebola and its potential for serious outbreaks.

Emergent BioSolution inked an agreement last week with Ridgeback Biotherapeutics in a collaboration to expand the availability of Ebola treatment Ebanga. Under the deal, Emergent will be responsible for the manufacturing, sale and distribution of Ebanga in the US and Canada. Ridgeback Bio for its part will serve as the global partner for the drug and ensure it remains available to patients in endemic countries free of charge through its compassionate use program.

Financial details and timeline for the initiative were not disclosed.

“This relationship with Ridgeback Bio builds on our strategic focus and deep expertise in developing and supplying medical countermeasures against serious health threats. Ebanga is crucial in the ongoing fight to contain Ebola and we are excited about the future of this collaboration to create a healthier, more secure world,” Emergent CEO Bob Kramer said in a press release.

Ebanga is a monoclonal antibody single injection developed for the treatment of Ebola by Ridgeback under license from the NIAID. Ridgeback provided the funding and operational support for clinical testing, with additional funding under contracts with BARDA for late-stage manufacturing and regulatory activities.

The drug was approved by the FDA in 2020 and was the second Ebola treatment to gain US approval. Regeneron’s antibody cocktail was first, getting an FDA nod in October 2020 and decided by BARDA for the national stockpile in case of an outbreak.

Both treatments were part of an NIH-sponsored study in the Democratic Republic of the Congo during the country’s 2018-19 outbreak. However, regulators at the time advised against taking Ebanga and a vaccine for Ebola at the same time, as many of the common side effects from Ebanga could also be confused with Ebola symptoms.

Even thoug Emergent last year hit a speed bump in its Covid vaccine production, having to trash a large number of doses due to issues at its site in Maryland, it’s still been raking in deals.

In June, Emergent secured a $225 million deal with Chimerix to acquire the exclusive rights to Tembexa, a smallpox treatment for all ages that was approved in 2021.

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