This is your chance to create the future

Many young Michiganders graduated from high school and college in recent months, and many of them are still wondering: “What’s Next?” For these ambitious young people at the start of their career—and for any Michiganders looking for their next big career move—there are two words you should remember: “Creators Wanted.”

Creators Wanted is the name of a national campaign to grow the manufacturing workforce of today and tomorrow, and the phrase is also the best way to describe most manufacturers’ recruiting efforts. The businesses that make things in Michigan—be they small, family-owned operations or iconic enterprises with thousands of employees—are looking for people excited about innovating, about creating the next big thing and being part of a team of makers.

Being a creator is one of the best careers out there today. The average Michigan manufacturing employee takes home more than $82,000 in pay and benefits, according to the most recent data; that’s more than $30,000 beyond the average for all other industries.

Opportunities are available on manufacturing teams for creators with a wide array of skills and educational experience. And there’s truly something for everybody, because manufacturers are looking to hire people with all kinds of skills and interests, such as engineers, marketers, drivers, researchers and designers, to name just a few. And given that manufacturers are looking to invest in their workforce, these jobs often come with ample opportunities for continued professional development and education.

And you won’t need to wait in line for these opportunities, because there are more manufacturing job openings than people to fill them. This abundance of jobs isn’t going away anytime soon; Research by The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte shows that the industry will need to fill 4 million jobs by the end of the decade.

If you’re curious about how you can get your start in manufacturing, that’s where the Creators Wanted Tour Live comes in. The tour is organized by the National Association of Manufacturers and The Manufacturing Institute and supported by leading manufacturers across the country and here in Michigan, like Dow, and it will be stopping in Midland this week, coinciding with the Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational.

It gives job seekers, students, parents, teachers and others an interactive and immersive look at the skills and problem-solving abilities manufacturers use every day. Attendees will have hands-on access to new technologies, meet local manufacturing team members, learn about what’s created in Michigan and where the career opportunities are and obtain online resources that will help them access those opportunities.

Manufacturers across Michigan aren’t just looking for creators—they’re rolling out the red carpet. As you’re thinking about how to build a fulfilling career, we hope you’ll find your way into the ranks of the people who work every day to build the future.

John Walsh is the President of the Michigan Manufacturers Association. John ensures MMA’s members remain competitive.

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