Here’s What We Know About The Ford Ranger Electric Truck

The Ford name commands a great deal of respect. Sure, like all major car companies, Ford had experienced its fair share of automotive flops; take the Edsel and the Pinto as prime examples. However, though it has stumbled over the years, Ford was always able to recover and excel to new heights. One of the biggest reasons for Ford’s success is its ability to embrace new technology while retaining its brand identity.

Notably, one of the ways Ford has done this is with its relatively recent emphasis on electric vehicles. In continuing to move forward with EVs, the company is building some of its trucks electric powertrain. There’s already the Ford Lightning, but there’s a significant reason to believe there will soon be an electric version of the Ranger.

The Ranger has always been one of the company’s most successful trucks, so it makes sense that it would be one of the newest of the company’s pickups to get the electric treatment. But unfortunately, little is known about the upcoming truck, except for a few details.

It’ll Likely Be Called The Ford Ranger Thunder

One of the concrete details we have regarding the upcoming electric Ford Ranger is the name. Ford has had the trademark for a vehicle called the “Ranger Thunder” for quite some time now for the US market. However, they recently registered a similar vehicle for use in Europe. This name follows suit with the Ford lightning, which is the electric version of the iconic F-150.

Another critical detail is that the upcoming Ford Ranger Thunder will more than likely be built using a brand-new chassis. The idea of ​​a new platform is assumed because the 2023 Ranger marks the start of a new generation, so it only makes sense that the truck would have a new platform.

Though not much is known about the upcoming Ford Ranger Electric pricing, it can be assumed that it will cost less than the Ford Lightning. This is due to the Ranger being an overall less expensive truck than the more celebrated F-150.

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Ford’s Electrification Plans

Ford, like most other auto companies, realizes the importance of EVs. So much so that the industry giant has a plan to have all new Fords be zero emissions for the European market by 2035, according to Ford. 27 other companies share this plan for a more efficient future. This comes as a result of the strict environmental guidelines in Europe for vehicles and increased demand for EVs.

Ford has similar plans for the US when it comes to increasing the availability of EVs. The company has said that by 2026, they hope to produce over 2 million EVs. Also, it has plans to generate a 10% adjusted operating profit by then. Ford has such lofty goals for the US market because there are expectations of rapid growth in people making the switch to EVs this decade. As one of the most prominent car companies, Ford wants to ensure it not only has enough units but the automaker wants to ensure it has enough diversity in its lineup of vehicles. Creating a new electric truck is one of the prime ways to do it because Ford trucks are massively popular.

As of the latest reports, Ford had a 7.3% adjusted operating profit for 2021. However, the company only sold about 64,000 units of the Mustang Mach-E that year. Of that figure, only 21,140 of those units were to US customers, according to CNBC. Luckily, those figures are more encouraging for 2022.

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Brief History Of The Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger first hit the market for the 1983 model year and became a success for the company. It started off as a compact pickup truck, but the nameplate has been used on several trucks throughout the years. However, the company discontinued the Ranger from 2012 until 2018 to focus on its full-size trucks. It returned to the market in 2019 as a midsize truck. As of right now, the new iteration of the truck is ranked number two in its class. Given the recent success of the Ford Ranger, it makes sense that it would be next to get an electric version.

The world of electric vehicles is rapidly growing and gaining more consumer trust. For a time, most people thought that the use of electric motors in vehicles would be limited to cars like the Prius and the various models made by Tesla. However, more recently, it is understood that these powerful motors can be used to power larger vehicles such as trucks and SUVs without sacrificing power. People like the Ford Lightning, but now the market is about to get a less expensive option for people who need the space and capabilities of a truck but also want to save money at the gas pump during these uncertain times.

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