‘Matrix’ Network Hits 60 Million Users, Improving the Demand for Decentralized Communication

The Matrix is ​​an open-source standard for decentralized communication. It is constantly evolving to the requirements of modern solutions keeping in mind the privacy of users.

You will find Matrix clients as a replacement for Slack, Microsoft Teams, and several other popular communication platforms.

And, to re-affirm the adoption of decentralized communication, the Matrix has announced that it has surpassed sixty-million users worldwide.

Enhancing Decentralized Communication

Whether decentralized tech is ready for mass usage is always up for discussion. And, most of the time the answer is not in its favor.

However, this is finally changing with the rapid pace of Matrix protocol adoption.

More users are realizing the benefits of using an open standard of decentralized communication. And, with more users onboard, the Matrix protocol should certainly evolve faster than we would initially expect.

For instance, Rocket.Chat decided to add the support for the Matrix.

Also, the need for an open-source replacement for Slack ie Element (the official Matrix client) contributed to the growth of decentralized communication.

Element also acts as one of the alternatives to WhatsApp. So, a lot of users have started to like Element as a messaging platform.

What else?

Interestingly, Germany’s entire national healthcare system has adopted the Matrix. The government wanted to use an open standard for the digitalisation of the healthcare system.

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