Reno-based Gary Platt Manufacturing made its one millionth casino chair

Inside casinos, it wasn’t always easy to pull up a chair for your derriere.

The first slot machines were introduced to gaming halls in the 1890s, roughly 30 years after the Nevada Legislature legalized gambling. But look at any old photos of gambling halls and casinos, and one thing is conspicuously absent – ​​seating.

The idea of ​​gamblers standing for hours in front of slot machines is hard to fathom, but for decades, gamblers rarely had a place to rest their rumps. A few stools might be on hand, but comfort was not the focus.

This went on until 1959, when Gary Platt walked into a Las Vegas casino to play blackjack.

The furniture salesman perched on a rickety and uncomfortable stool. Looking around, he saw people standing at the slots. He knew he could make it better.

And he did.

Thrones ‘fit for a king’

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Platt pitched the idea of ​​adding stools in front of slot machines to casino operators. Each time, he was told it would make casino aisles too narrow.

He worked some connections and finally found a small Las Vegas casino willing to gamble on his idea. Platt would deliver two dozen, 12-inch-square stools with straight legs – no tripping the gamblers, no crowding the aisles. And they would be free.

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