Flexible Five-Axis Machine Ideal for Lights-Out Manufacturing

Photo Credit: Kitamura Machinery

Kitamura Machinery, a premier manufacturer of precision horizontal, vertical and five-axis machining centers reveals an all-new, all-in-one automation solution for its MedCenter5AX five-axis simultaneous vertical machining center (VMC) at IMTS 2022, booth #339133, South Hall. Demonstrating the core qualities for lights-out production the MedCenter5AX will feature a newly designed and field expandable 24-station automatic pallet changer with a high-performance, 120 tool ATC — all in a compact footprint, incorporating an unmanned machining development process for a multitasking machining environment that maximizes uptime.

Kitamura’s versatile MedCenter5AX is said to an ultra-high precision, five-axis machining center that offers unparalleled accuracy and speed for expanded machining capability in the machining of highly complex, small to medium, multisided parts in one setup. The machine’s stiffness, flexibility and cutting capability make it an optimal choice for manufacturing precision parts for the medical, aerospace and telecommunications industries, the company notes.

The MedCenter5AX comes equipped with a standard high-speed 30,000 minˉ¹ 18 kW (24.5 hp) direct drive, HSK-E40 spindle offering upgraded rigidity in spindle construction and function while enabling super fine finish capabilities. Ideal for small-diameter tools and hard milling, the MedCenter5AX offers a standard air through spindle feature for dry cutting and is also equipped to handle up to 1,000 psi coolant thru the spindle for deep-hole drilling requirements.

A standard high-accuracy package includes high-resolution optical scale feedback on all axes (includes fourth and fifth), 67 million pulse encoder system, 16-mm fine pitch ballscrews and Kitamura’s Arumatik-Mi control what the company contends is 5x faster processing speed. The VMC also guarantees positioning accuracy of ±0.002 mm (±0.000079″)/full stroke, and repeatability of ±0.001 mm (±0.000039″).


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