Virgin Galactic Reveals New Arizona Spaceship Manufacturing Site

Virgin Galactic has announced its latest acquisition. A production facility in Mesa, Arizona where the final production stages of the newly announced Delta class spaces will be completed. The new facility is anticipated to create hundreds of professional aerospace engineering jobs in the coming years.

The facility of the future

On Thursday, July 14th, 2022, Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc, announced that it had signed a long-term lease for a new production facility in the greater Phoenix area. The facility will be the final assembly location for the Delta class spaceship. No price has currently been given for the acquisition of this facility.


Virgin Galactic adds another facility to its desert family. Photo: Virgin Galactic

The Mesa facility plans to produce up to six spaceships per year. Virgin Galactic predicts that it will bring hundreds of highly skilled laborers along with many intellectual positions to the Phoenix area. The facility will harbor state-of-the-art technology that will be required for the design and assembly of said spaceships.

The CEO of Virgin Galactic Michael Colglazier addressed the new facility. He emphasized its importance to the Delta fleet when he said,

“Our spaceship final assembly factory is key to accelerating the production of our Delta fleet, enabling a rapid increase in flight capacity that will drive our revenue growth.”

Galactic ambitions

Over the past several years, Virgin Galactic has made a prominent name for itself in the aerospace industry. Its ambitious visions have driven it to set new records and pioneer a path into the future. This same ambition remains strong within the company and has assisted in formulating the company’s flight plans.

The Delta class spaceship is designed to be flown weekly. It is a quintessential part of the ambitious goal of the company to fly 400 yearly trips. With the construction of this plant already underway, it is expected to be fully functional no later than late 2023. These spaceships are expected to complete revenue-producing flights by late 2025. Private astronaut flight will hopefully begin by 2026.

Strategic placement

The announcement comes shortly after Virgin Galactic’s partnership formation with Boeing’s Aurora Flight Sciences. The two aerospace companies have agreed to work together in the creation of the Virgin Galactic motherships. These motherships will be used to transport the finished Delta class spaceships from the Pheonix-Mesa Gateway Airport to Spaceport America.

Virgin Galactic has strategically placed its facilities for optimum production. Photo: Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic’s President of Aerospace Systems Swami Iyer, stated regarding the placement of the facility,

“Arizona is a growing innovation hub, geographically located between our existing operations in Southern California and New Mexico. This will allow us to accelerate progress from conceptual design to production to final assembly at scale as we capitalize on the many advantages of Mesa and the greater Phoenix area offer.”

Colglazier addressed the company’s excitement for its new talent by stating,

“We’re thrilled to expand into the greater Phoenix area which is home to outstanding aerospace talent – ​​and we look forward to growing our team and fleet at our new facility.”

A strategically placed final assembly facility for the Delta class spaceship has been acquired by Virgin Galactic. With an expected completion date in late 2023, the company plans to operate revenue-producing flights by late 2025. This is an integral part of the company’s ambitious plans to operate 400 flights per year, per spaceport.

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