Médecins Sans Frontièresan international medical humanitarian association founded in 1971, provides medical assistance to populations whose lives are threatened: mainly in cases of armed conflict, but also epidemics, pandemics, natural disasters, or exclusion from care.

MSF WACA (West and Central Africa) was created in 2019 and aims to bring a change in the dynamics of the MSF movement. WACA is driven by doctors and humanitarians of MSF from West and Central Africa who wish to be heard, to contribute and above all to proactively assume responsibility for the humanitarian mission of the organization. WACA reflects an identity of humanitarians, an aspiration for MSF, a truly inclusive movement of people who share the values ​​of empathy for others. Its strength is based on associative fiber is amplified by concrete operational objectives.

We Are Looking for: Inclusion & Digital Communication Manager

Department: Communication

Direct Managers:

  • Association & Communication Director
  • Coordinator PWD

MSF Interactions: Entire MSF movement and MSF WaCA staff

Working %: 100

Based in: Ivory Coast

Type of Contract: Permanent position with first fixed-Term contract up to June 2023

Position to be filled: ASAP


The position of Inclusion and Digital Communication Manager is dedicated to the communication of:

  • The PWD (people living with disability) Inclusion hub within the MSF movement.
  • The digital implementation of MSF-WaCA’s operational and institutional activities.


1) 50% position dedicated to the communication of the hub Inclusion of persons with disabilities (PWDs).

Overall key activities:

  • Develop, maintain and document a communication strategy to ensure the highest possible visibility of the project and its materials among the key target groups. The position holder is expected to bring a new and creative dimensioto the communication of the project;
  • Develop, maintain and document networking efforts with HQ communication, missions and other relevant actors;
  • Ensure the collect of key materials wherever possible;
  • The communication related to the visibility of the project and its materials also includes among others the promotion of the inclusion portal and of its content (Videos, guideline, tools, eLearning course, experience-sharing, interviews, articles…);
  • This includes also regular releases of our newsletter (typically every 2-3 months);
  • In term of general support to the project and its coordinator, this can include activities like organization of events and webinars, as examples.

2) 50% position dedicated to WACA digital communication efforts

Develop and implement social media and online communications:

  • Develop and implement the social media strategy of MSF WaCA accounts;
  • Support the design of wider communications strategy for MSF WaCA in coordination with the field resources;
  • Manage the MSF WaCA twitter account and coordinate field and editor network;
  • Ensure quality control of MSF WaCA channels;
  • Adapt and tailor MSF communications materials for the digital channels and audiences;
  • Develop a network of social media ambassadors, in collaboration with Field Communications team;
  • Support the implementation of Comms initiatives and campaigns to support operational messaging about social media and coordinate publications with the different stakeholders in the MSF network;

Main responsibilities / Activities

1) 50% position dedicated to the communication of the hub Inclusion of persons with disabilities (PWDs).

Activities specifically related to the portal on inclusion and newsletters:

Development & maintenance of the portal on inclusion of persons with disabilities in MSF

– Continue to improve the design of the portal and its accessibility

– Ensure regular updates of the portal and inform of the updates through writing and releasing the newsletter (newsletter every 2-3 months typically), using our mailing lists, Facebook, Yammer and other relevant channels for dissemination

– The process of regular updates includes:

    • Development of content, writing articles in particular; – Identification and documentation of initiatives and experiences of interest in the field and HQs and using our portal/newsletters for experience sharing; – Search for relevant materials & medical articles; – Identification and Interview of relevant actors, collect of testimonies; – Media monitoring & Internal communication monitoring to relay information on the website; – Feed debates & discussions;

– Keep statistics regarding use of the portal and its content and ensure monthly report

– Organize translation of the main content of the portal and newsletter.

– Development of technical com guidelines and other relevant materials.

– Development of posters, guidelines and other relevant materials.

– Organize webinars or other relevant events.

Other activities of general support to the project and its coordinator

– Other supports based on needs

2) 50% position dedicated to WACA digital communication efforts

2.2. Community management:

  • Manage and develop channel and engagement with the Africa digital community;
  • Ensure the link between the hubs on the channels and the digital equipmentx;
  • Monitor relevant social media trends and accounts in the region on a daily basis to assess, promote and protect MSF WaCA’s reputation and principles online;
  • Map covering accounts in Africa primarily to identify opportunities for influencer engagement;
  • Production of Multimedia content in support to the field based on needs.

2.3. Direct production:

  • Produce and edit video footage, photo-albums, audio files and infographics for MSF WaCA social media channels.

2.4. Advise and support to the field:

  • Upon request from field communication team, train Field Communications resources on the ground for content creation for social media, social media management and community building;
  • Upon request from field communication team, provide a technical support on Comms strategies regarding photo / video / multimedia tools and dissemination;
  • Ensure quality control of MSF WaCA channel through curation and tailoring of MSF and field contents.

2.5. Develop and strengthen internal communications in the region:

  • Collect operational updates from MSF WaCA projects and share them with other regional positions or relevant stakeholders;
  • Identify channels and platforms for dissemination of operational updates;
  • Maintain up to date dissemination list for MSF.

Other tasks in support of communication in the region:

  • Take charge of any communication project on request;
  • Maintain a list of cameramen and photographers and field service providers according to the area of ​​implementation of WaCA projects.
  • Act as a focal point for social media monitoring in case of a crisis in the region.

Essential Skills:

  • community management;
  • Photo, video and multimedia skills;
  • Team spirit;
  • Innovation / Creativity;
  • leadership;
  • critical thinking;
  • Highly developed communication skills both written and verbal;
  • Strong organizational and attention to detail skills;
  • Strong interpersonal skills;

Soft Skills:

  • Listener and ability to requestion her/himselfc;
  • Flexibility / Reactivity;
  • Diplomacy;
  • Kindness;
  • Sense of humor;

Education / Professional experience required:

  • Degree in journalism, communications, political science or related field;
  • At least three years of previous work experience in communications, journalism or public relations;
  • Previous work experience in community management, digital communications strategy implementation, in multimedia content production, particularly in emergencies/crises;
  • Digital communication: Knowledge on designing websites, updating websites/posting content in an inclusive manner and communicating on social media;
  • Experience in writing articles;
  • Experience working for MSF or other international NGOs.


  • Both working proficiency in English and French

(According to the coordination responsibilities of the position in both French and English-speaking countries, the hired person must be able to easily communicate in both languages.)

Computer Skills:

  • Audio/Video Software’s;
  • social media;
  • MS Office suite (mainly MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint).

NB: This job description provides a framework for the main responsibilities and primary activities of the position. It is not exhaustive. Therefore, the responsibilities and activities of the position may differ from those described in this job description due to organizational and operational needs.

In a dynamic work environment, MSF offers equal recruitment and development opportunities without any form of discrimination based on gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, geographical origin, profile, physical disability or any other discriminatory ground.

Female who meet the requirements are strongly encouraged candidates to apply

Deadline: 30 July 2022 Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

How to apply

Please click on the link to apply for a job : INCLUSION & DIGITAL COMMUNICATION MANAGER (

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