Fluke Safety Survey Uncovers Opportunities for Improving Electrical Safety

Workplace safety is something everyone agrees is important, yet there can be significant differences in the perception of how adequate safety measures are not to mention the optimum amount of emphasis they are given in the organization. Fluke Corporation’s third annual Electrical Safety Survey seeks to identify trends in sentiment and perception of workplace safety, including responsibilities, culture, training, and the role of technology.

The survey found that sentiment about who is most responsible for safety has remained the same over the past three years — workers being ranked most responsible — yet there is a feeling among many of the respondents that organizations can be doing a better job in creating a safe work environment. Despite 98% of respondents agreeing (strongly agree/agree) that a strong culture of safety is important in keeping workers safe, only 37% percent agree that most companies have one.

“I think safety is something companies focus on but miss the small details, relying on good trustworthy tools that can help improve safety but training and proper PPE will further solidify the basics and put the worker at most responsibility for their safety as well as others.” said one respondent (representing the 18- to 24-year old age group).

“Gaining buy-in for a safety culture has proven to be the most challenging piece, but at the same time it is the most important part,” says a another respondent (representing the 35- to 44-year-old age group).

Nearly all respondents (95%) believe more can be done to make their workplace safer, and 56% of workers have ideas on how to make the industry safer.

“A robust culture of safety is vital for organizations who truly want to keep their workers safe, yet many workers find the emphasis is not always adequate to do the job,” said Heather Rasmussen, global content manager for Fluke Corporation. “This year’s survey reinforces how important safety is to workers and how they look to their supervisors and managers to set the tone and provide the tools and training to make that happen.”

The survey also reveals the perception of the use or lack of use of personal protective equipment, participation in safety training and classes, and the role of innovative tools and technologies play in improving workplace safety.

Key Findings

  • 95% of workers believe more can be done to make their workplaces safer.
  • 78% of survey respondents believe electricians skip PPE sometimes because it’s inconvenient.
  • 65% of electricians agree they use accurately rated test tools.
  • 47% are unsure whether innovative technologies are keeping them safe.
  • 72.3% of workers say they rely on tool technology to keep them safe.
  • 71.8% of workers stay up to date on electrical safety standards.
  • 68% of electricians participate in regular safety trainings or classes.

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