Portsmouth NH policy hostile to electric vehicles

In New Hampshire, the transportation sector accounts for nearly half of all greenhouse gas emissions. For that reason, a timely transition from gasoline powered motor vehicles to electric vehicles (EV) is important. Yet in order for the citizenry to perceive such a transition as advantageous, EV charging infrastructure must be ubiquitous.

Level 2 EV chargers deliver a full charge in 8 to 12 hours. Such chargers are well suited for residential settings and hotels. There are several such installations in Portsmouth, however most of them attract few customers because they were installed in locations where folks are not willing to wait around 8-plus hours for a charge. Evidently, the city’s Level 2 deployment was ill-informed and poorly planned.

In contrast to Level 2 chargers, the more robust EV fast chargers do the job in 25 minutes, and for that reason fast chargers are much in demand at restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping venues.

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