A Chat With SERKO USA’s Serdar Tütek and Nick Edizer

As part of its ongoing efforts to highlight association members and their leaders, AEM recently sat down with CEO Serdar Tütek (pictured at right) and Managing Director Nick Edizer (pictured below), of AEM component member company SERKO USA to discuss a wide range of topics. Tütek and Edizer weighed in on the challenges and opportunities facing their organization, their overall outlook for equipment manufacturing, what SERKO USA is doing to support the industry right now and more.

AEM: As we find ourselves a little more than halfway through 2022, what are you most excited about that’s on the horizon for SERKO USA?

Tütek: As an advanced lean manufacturer that specializes in electro-mechanic components, our ability to provide solutions to our customers better than anyone else has been our driving motivation. Our partners know they have a highly skilled and reliable company with which they can push the boundaries of innovation and excellence. We aim to build genuine relationships with those around us, and we’re always open to collaborate with local companies. We have seen how hyper-localization has become a greater focal point and helped everyone by reducing emissions and creating brand awareness, which establishes confidence from clients and the end user. It forms a sense of community in many industries, including manufacturing. We believe in our creative spirit to improve and innovate together with those with whom we work. We want to be a positive force by creating better products and ultimately a better world, by working in cohesion with partners in our backyard.

AEM: There is no shortage of opportunities and challenges that are presenting themselves for manufacturers today. From your standpoint, what do you feel are the most notable opportunities facing SERKO USA today? What about challenges?

Tütek: We have a massive opportunity to fill a gap that has been created in the supply chain disruption. We solve the problem of the supply chain by eliminating it – by keeping inventory here in the United States. Therefore, we don’t experience the supply problems that others face, which allows us to guarantee delivery on time when we receive a forecast. As we continue to evolve, we look forward to our next step, which is bringing domestic production. Essentially, if it will solve a problem before it starts, and it will drive a cost reduction for the customers instead of delivering from Europe, then that is what we will do.

AEM: What efforts to support manufacturing Serko Industries USA most proud of, and how does it contribute to the betterment of the industry?

Editor: We are proud to stand on the front lines transforming the impact companies and corporations have on our earth. Over the past three decades, we’ve tried to lead by example as a model for others in our industry. All four of our manufacturing facilities are solarized, and we’ve been paperless since 2009. Most importantly, we are on course to be carbon-neutral in the next eight years, while many companies are working on 30–50-year timelines. As our company continues to evolve its sustainable production methods, and our SERKO footprint and family continue to grow, we will continue to work with the best technology and human capital towards our shared interests for our generation, and more importantly, those after it.

We take great pride in having worked with our partners at AEM in the association’s recent efforts and contributions toward the passing of the $1.2 billion Bipartisan Infrastructure and Jobs Act bill. This bill has the potential to help benefit our manufacturing plans and the industry for years to come. Another way that we get involved is through sponsorships and charitable efforts in cohesion with our partners and organizations in our community. An example of this was our Sponsorship of The John Deere Classic, a PGA Tour golf tournament. We recognize that supporting community events that feature manufacturers that we align with can offer much more than just building brand awareness. In this case, it allowed us an avenue to contribute a donation to Birdies for Charity. When you look back and see that connecting with a manufacturing partner resulted in supporting its surrounding community and helping a charitable effort, it really does provide a great sense of purpose.

Tutek: Innovation is also one of core competencies at SERKO and has been continuous since my father established our company in 1973. We foster innovation through our commitment to vocational education and training our employees for the future demands of the workforce. The labor shortages many are currently experiencing as we had forecasted two decades ago, and we took the necessary measures to be able to meet the future challenges of today. SERKO has created several vocational institutions, including the curriculum development, providing machinery, laboratories and training. When you develop talent and provide that talent with the environment to flourish, it keeps you in a strong position to stay ahead. It is attention to detail that allows us to face these scenarios head on. Ultimately, at SERKO, we view challenges as opportunities.

AEM: It’s been more than two years since COVID-19 first emerged. It obviously impacted manufacturers in a variety of ways for a long time. Now that things have — more or less — returned to normal, what would you say your outlook is for manufacturing (and your organization) in both the short and long term?

Tütek: Our outlook remains positive for manufacturing. We do not anticipate short-term reduction, because we have overcome the supply problems. The noticeable increase in costs is something that everyone is facing, which creates challenging issues at every stage. We have consistently been a company that has shown the ability to adapt and evolve. As industry changes have taken place over the years, we have consistently seen SERKO at or ahead of the trends. For example, our main manufacturing facility was completely digitized and paperless in 2009; several years before industry 4.0 started trending. COVID-19 changed the landscape for everyone globally, and while that was not something anyone can predict, it reinforces the importance of preparation and continued development to provide the best position for yourself should unexpected situations arise. Our Managing Director, Nick Edizer, has taken the reigns and is actively creating partnerships that are steering us head on into growth in the United States. Nick sees the value in working with both large OEMs in manufacturing, and the smaller SME’s and start-ups to build relationships locally, nationally and globally, that will lead to a greater good for both SERKO and for the manufacturing industry.

AEM: As an engaged AEM member, what advice would you give to fellow association members about how to get the most out of their investment in AEM?

SerkoEditor: We know that we can offer better solutions to potential customers. To speed up market penetration (making production in the US in parallel), we need to be introducing the right teams and decision-makers. We utilize AEM for its vast informational resources, events, and to develop our network. We feel AEM is a great way to open doors to connect with others. We also believe it’s more than just being a member; it is a partnership with a AEM and the many organizations that are a part of AEM. We follow the newsletter, attend events and build relationships with fellow members. AEM membership is about working together, which is both rewarding for us at SERKO, and beneficial to the betterment of manufacturing through the relationships built by the association and its members.

Serdar Tütek is the CEO for AEM member Company SERKO USA. His brother, Koray, who is the CFO of SERKO, has grown SERKO into one of the global market leaders for Engineered OEM Subcomponents in the Agricultural and Construction vehicle industry

Nick Edizer is the Managing Director for SERKO USA. Edizer has a diverse background in international business development, project management and government relations. Since 2008, he has worked with leading industry partners, including General Electric, Siemens, Bosch and Mercedes, in various sectors.

AEM member Serko USA is a family-owned electromechanic component manufacturing company that features an in-house R&D team and state-of-the-art laboratory testing. SERKO USA is active in 13 different industries and specializes in the manufacturing of lighting, switches, and products geared toward the agricultural, construction, industrial and off-road vehicle industries, while also developing products for automotive, medical, aerospace, thermotechnic and home appliances . For more information, visit www.serkousa.com.

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