ICCF24 Solid-State Energy Summit Kicks Off

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Anthropocene Institute today announced the kick-off of the ICCF24 Solid-State Energy Summit, the conference where industry leaders will take a critical look at the field of lattice-enabled nuclear reactions (LENR), also known as solid-state atomic and fusion energy, or “cold fusion.” The conference will focus on observations, results, and theory, with an eye toward satisfying increased interest in practical fusion from the investment and research communities. The conference will take place at the Computer History Museum (CHM) in Mountain View, CA + Hopin Online Streaming Platform, July 25-28, 2022.

An emerging $15 trillion global energy market

Fusion has garnered intense interest and investment of late, as people race to find clean, sustainable forms of energy to combat climate change. According to Bloomberg, achievement of net energy — where energy produced exceeds the energy used — via nuclear fusion is nearing and would be momentous for the $15 trillion global energy market and GDP.

A subset of the fusion field, lattice-enabled nuclear reactions (LENR) or solid-state energy has been reported for decades from independent researchers around the world. Better known as cold fusion, or low energy nuclear reactions, observations suggest energy production on the scale of nuclear reactions but produced from within chemical systems without extreme temperatures or pressures. ICCF24 has been curated to accelerate the emerging solid-state energy field into a new era of fundamental research and development. The conference convenes 65 speakers, including several from US Government agencies, as well as 45 research abstracts, panels and roundtable discussions.

Government officials, investors, scientists, and innovators to speak

Distinguished speakers, among others, include: Nobuo Tanaka, Former Executive Director of the International Energy Agency; Florian Metzler, Research Scientist at MIT Industrial Performance Center; Matt Trevithick, Partner at DCVC; Steve Katinsky, Co-Founder and Director LENRIA Corporation; Huw Price, Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Philosopher of Science; Oliver Barham, Project Manager, Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head; Theresa Benyo, PhD, Principal Investigator, NASA; Peter Shannon, Founder, Radius Mobility; and David Nagel, Research Professor, George Washington University.

Join us at the ICCF24 Solid-State Energy Summit for plans for a competition and prize, panels on government initiatives, investment, industry, and startups working toward near-term commercialization.

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