Bungie Reducing Communication with Fans Due to Threats Towards Staff

Responding to a fan comment, Destiny 2 developer Bungie outlines how it plans on protecting staff following serious threats and harassment.

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has often had an open line of communication with its fans. usually, Destiny 2 players can expect a weekly update from Bungie where they will hear more about the latest changes made to the game. Details on big changes to Destiny 2 like The Witch Queen expansion were given freely to fans with each This Week at Bungie blog post. However, while fans will still be getting regular information on updates and changes to Destiny 2it seems like Bungie may be changing its attitude towards communication in other ways.


On Reddit, a Bungie fan posted that they missed seeing lots of threads online where the studio had replied to users about their concerns and general opinions. A comment underneath the post stated that the lack of communication from Bungie was likely due to death threats and harassment, something that a lot of developers have been experiencing as of late. 343 Industries faced plenty of criticism over the launch of Halo Infinitefor example.

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This was followed by someone stating that they had never seen an example of harassment towards a Bungie staff member online, leading to a response from Dmg04, a community manager from the studio. Dmg04 claimed that the situation went much further beyond simple rude messages over Twitter or vague comments. “There have been real threats towards our people and our studio,” the community manager said. Of course, threats such as these are being taken very seriously at Bungie, which is why the company has seen a reduced level of communication with its fans.

According to Dmg04, the team at Bungie is working on “future protections/strategies” to help prevent threats in the future. Then, the community manager went on to say who those who claim that negativity towards the studio was virtually nonexistent just because the hate and harassment can’t be seen in “a given tweet or forum reply doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. ” Recently, Bungie has even taken legal action against a Destiny 2 streamer who threatened to burn down the studio.

Just because Bungie may lessen its direct interactions with fans doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be nothing but radio silence from the company. The studio is often active in responding to large events in the gaming world and politics as well. Recently, Bungie spoke out in support of Roe v Wade, after a Supreme Court decision overturned the case, being one of the first major studios to comment on the event.

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