Electric vehicle owners take the wheel to kick off ‘EV Week’: Roadshow

Q: Thanks for the opportunity to discuss electric vehicles.

John Mitchell, Castro Valley

A: Recent columns on electric vehicles prompted dozens of responses from readers who like electric vehicles, and others who are concerned about them.

Q: I’ve had two electric cars. I was the first person in San Francisco to get a Honda Fit EV. With an 80-mile range, it was basically a city car, fine to go to Oakland and back to Santa Clara with a charge by plugging into a 110-volt outlet for an hour. I had it for 4½ years.

I have had a Tesla Model S for 5½ years. I bought one with a 245-mile range, but you can get them with nearly a 400-mile range now. I’ve gone round trip both to Los Angeles and Tahoe and charged while I got something to eat. By the time I was done eating, the car was ready to go.

With the Tesla, if you enter your destination in the navigation system, it tells you where to stop to charge and for how long. I’ve never been concerned with range.

Lauren Friedman, Daly City

A: And…

Q: All of these people saying no problems with range are forgetting that in many areas of the country, there are no public charging stations for hundreds of miles. For example, there are none in the 132 miles between Great Falls, Montana, and Chinook, Montana, and none in the 484 miles on Highway 2 between Williston, North Dakota and Glacier National Park.

Jim Murdy, San Jose

A: Let’s keep the battery charged and keep rolling…

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