Frank Fazio named president of Children’s GMP and vice president of therapeutics production and quality at St. Jude

Frank Fazio has joined st. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as president of the Children’s GMP, LLC, and vice president of therapeutics production and quality.

Fazio will provide leadership for the current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility, which plays a critical role in moving promising discoveries from st. Jude laboratories into the hospital’s clinics, ensuring that biopharmaceuticals and other biological products for patient use are manufactured in accordance with strict federal regulations.

Fazio succeeds Michael Meagher, Ph.D., who retired at the end of June as director of the GMP facility, which opened in 2003.

“I am particularly thankful to Mike for his work over more than 10 years at st. Judebuilding our GMP into the capable manufacturing facility we are currently privileged to have, the foundations of which will support us for many years to come, and for his support in recruitment and ensuring a smooth transition,” said Terrence Geiger, MD, Ph.D ., senior vice president and deputy director for academic and biomedical operations at st. Jude .

“It is an incredible opportunity to be able to contribute to the st. Jude mission,” Fazio said about his new role. “I am excited to lead the talented team at the GMP, as well as therapeutics production and quality, to continue to translate and manufacture high-quality, novel and advanced therapeutics across a broad range of modalities.”

Fazio has a long career in GMP manufacture and management. He worked at several pharmaceutical firms, including Pfizer, Boston Scientific and Becton Dickinson. Most recently, he was promoted to Deputy Executive Vice Chancellor of MassBiologics, the cGMP manufacturing element of the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School. Fazio holds an MBA from Anna Maria College and a Master of Science in work environment from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Geiger said Fazio impressedst. Judefaculty and staff with his organizational and foundational knowledge of GMP, strong management skills, approachability and experience working with the many players involved in designing and manufacturing advanced therapeutics.

“Individuals with significant experience in leading high-end academic GMP manufacturing are few, and those willing to move are truly rare,” Geiger said. are attractive to the best talent.


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