What is Microsoft Purview Communication Compliance

Compliance has always been a critical concern for businesses around the world. Whether you’re trying to ensure compliance with a series of policies specific to your company or you need to follow regulations unique to your industry, it’s crucial to have the right strategy in place.

Microsoft Purview is the collection of risk, data governance, and compliance solutions created by Microsoft for Microsoft 365 users. The solutions enable companies to govern, manage, and protect their data estate, particularly in the age of hybrid and distributed work.

Fundamentally, Microsoft Purview combines the former Microsoft 365 compliance and Azure Purview solutions into a single service for visibility into data assets across your organisation. The “Communication Compliance” section of this offering specifically focuses on preserving the quality and safety of communications.

Defining Microsoft Purview Communication Compliance

Part of Microsoft’s comprehensive collection of compliance tools, Microsoft Purview “Communication Compliance” is an Insider Risk offering designed to minimise communication issues. The service helps users to detect, capture, and respond to inappropriate messages in Teams.

Companies can scan internal and external communications for policy matches with custom policies and templates and assign reviewers to investigate issues. The solution assists business leaders with implementing and championing:

  • Corporate policies: Requiring users to comply with specific ethical standards and acceptable use policies in all business communications. This can help companies reduce harassment, threats, and offensive or inappropriate language.
  • Risk management: Using communication compliance policies within Purview helps to identify and reduce potential legal and risk issues, minimising problems before they occur. You could, for instance, scan messages throughout your organization for unauthorized conflicts of interest and sharing of private data.
  • Regulatory compliance: Most companies have some regulatory compliance standards to consider. These regulations often require organizations to implement supervisory policies for monitoring appropriate messaging. For instance, you could enforce policies to prevent users from sharing sensitive financial information in Teams.

Features of Purview Communication Compliance

The Communication Compliance toolkit from Microsoft comes with various features to empower companies in ensuring compliance via their messaging platforms. These include:

Intelligent, customisable templates

Intelligent custom templates in communication compliance allow users to apply machine learning to detect possible organizational violations. Pre-configured templates are available to help users track familiar sources of communication problems. There are also built-in machine learning tools and image classes to help with scanning content at speed.

A policy-building wizard is also available for users who need to develop new compliance policies from scratch and implement specific conditions.

Flexible remediation workflows

Included remediation workflows in Purview Communication Compliance allow users to identify and act on policy-breaking messages in a Teams environment. You can set up conversation policy matching strategies to alert reviewers automatically when a policy issue is identified.

Teams users can also leverage keyword highlighting to track terms matching policy conditions, set up exact or “near duplicate” detection, and implement specific filters. There’s optical character recognition for investigating images and handwritten text in chat messages. Plus, teams can view historical notes from users who reported policy violations.

Other features of the workflow solution include pattern detection notifications for when an issue is recurring, automatic translation, and attachment detection when linked content might be included in a message.

Actionable insights

The Purview Communication Compliance service has access to a new interactive dashboard for reviewers and investigators. Here, users can track alerts and policy matches, receiving proactive, intelligent alerts when an issue needs immediate attention. You can sort pending items by incision and filter through users and policy types.

A complete log of review and policy activities is also available to export from within the Microsoft Purview compliance portal to assist with requests.

The Workflow for Purview Communication Compliance

According to Microsoft, the Communication Compliance system helps companies address common issues associated with applying internal and regulatory policies to business communications. The toolkit includes everything team members need for each stage of the compliance workflow, such as:


You can configure and set policy requirements according to your specific needs, using in-built templates or policies built from scratch. Microsoft can monitor conversations for:

  • Inappropriate text identified by classifiers (like Threat or Harassment)
  • Indecent images with classifiers and image recognition
  • Keywords define sensitive information
  • Financial regulatory compliance by scanning for references to financial terms
  • Conflicts of interest within specific groups
  • Custom issues and compliance problems
  • Users reporting instances of non-compliance

The Microsoft “recommended actions” service will help you define which sensitive information types you may need to configure your service.


The Investigation features in Microsoft Communications Compliance include instant alerts sent to specific users when a problem is detected. Each alert comes with the option to take investigative actions to remediate the issue, including reviewing a document from several perspectives.

You can see a whole conversation, the text only, or look at specific details to get to the heart of an issue. There’s also a full overview of previous user activities and remediation activities implemented with this user, so you know when a problem needs to be escalated.


The remediation section in the Communication Compliance package comes with the tools you need to address various compliance issues. You can tag a message as compliant or non-compliant and identify when a previous problem has been misclassified.

Users can also notify the user of the policy they might have violated and remove the message from Teams to be replaced with a notice about a policy violation. If the issue needs further investigation, it can be escalated to other members of staff or an eDiscovery workflow. There’s also the option to “resolve” an alert.

Monitoring Compliance with Purview Communication Compliance

Microsoft Purview Communication Compliance allows companies to easily track and manage compliance issues designated by business and regulatory policies. You can use the communication compliance dashboard logs, widgets, and recorded events to improve your compliance posture and reduce workplace risks.

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