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From the time humans have lived on this planet, we have developed a way of communicating with each other.

From sending signals with smoke to interacting with people over text messages, we have come a long way. Our ways and techniques of communicating with each other have evolved and improved with time.

But among all developments in the field of communication, two major developments have been the invention of the electric telegraph in 1831 and the introduction of the World Wide Web in the 1990s.

The 21st century has seen immense development in communication, starting from emails to communicating with people from different parts of the world through audio and video calls.

Let’s explore the evolution of communication in this blog.

The telephone

The telephone has been one of the greatest inventions in the field of communication. It was invented back in 1849 and became a necessity very quickly.

More than a century after the invention of the telephone, mobile phones came onto the scene. Motorola introduced the first mobile phone. Since then, the development in the mobile phone industry has been nothing other than amazing.

Nokia introduced the QWERTY keypad phone in 1996. Soon, these phones were replaced by Android and iOS-powered smartphones. Today, almost everyone is using touchscreen phones, which would only seem to be a dream fifty years ago.

The internet

The next major revolution in the communication field came with the internet. In the mid-90s, the internet brought about a different type of communication through electronic mails, internet-powered voice calls, instant messages, and much more.

It made communication with people living far away much easier. Furthermore, it also gave businesses a chance to widen their sphere.

In recent times, the internet has enabled people to express their thoughts and bring about change through their voices.

Social media platforms: Text to speech software

Apart from the various traditional methods of communicating with people, communication with the help of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter has gained a lot of popularity these days.

Over these years, it has been proven that videos help communicate important messages in the right way. Furthermore, to ensure that better videos are made, voiceovers along with text to speech have also become very popular.

Realistic text to speech has a lot of functionalities. It is:

Less costly

Creating voice over videos would require a lot of time and effort. Furthermore, hiring a professional voiceover artist also costs a lot of money. The use of realistic text to speech software helps in better and effortless communication with the audience.

Uses advanced AI

Realistic text to speech software has also become better and technologically advanced with AI voices.

AI voices add exceptional value to every video, making it sound more realistic. The voice overs sound more authentic and even indistinguishable from human voices.

User friendly

Realistic text to speech is very user-friendly, and almost anybody can use it. It also helps individual creators and organizations to make their content more valuable. It helps major social media creators produce videos in bulk without worrying about voice overs.

Furthermore, organizations that make a lot of instructional videos can also use this feature to create interesting content with original voice overs. For example, makes instructional videos for students using realistic text to speech AI-powered voiceovers to make their videos more attractive.

Virtual reality

Another new form of communication is Virtual Reality. Although it is a new concept introduced in 2016, it has already become very popular.

Through VR, you can communicate with someone simultaneously in the same virtual space without having to share the same space in reality.

The participants can live in a different part of the world, but through VR, they can share the same virtual space for better communication.

Closing thoughts

The importance of communication in our lives cannot be denied. Human beings are social animals and thus need to communicate to survive.

Innovation in the field of communication has led to the development of technologies like 5G and 6G, through which people will be able to connect better with others in terms of both speed and quality.

Evolution in the sphere of communication will keep growing and bringing positive change to the world.

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