Timmins news: Local outfitters with unique outdoor adventures

As we continue to highlight some of the interesting places people can visit in the northeast region in our series Destination Northern Ontario, this week, we are looking at some Timmins area outfitters that offer some unique outdoor adventures.

Robert Trahan is a seasoned outdoor enthusiast. He has helped people get the most out of Timmins’ outdoors by creating custom experiences they can’t get anywhere else.

Robert Trahan helps people get the most out of Timmins’ outdoors by creating custom experiences they can’t get anywhere else. July 27/22 (Sergio Arangio/CTV Northern Ontario)

Trahan told CTV News visitors from the south have been lacking lately, but by working with local outfitters, he said there’s been a resurgence of northern adventurers.

“It’s a fishing and it’s a hunting area. This region draws so many people to our area, it’s fantastic. It’s the lowlands, the fish are plentiful and the views are beautiful and the challenges are there,” he said.

That’s one of the city’s biggest selling points, according to Tourism Timmins.

Lovers of the outdoors don’t have to look too hard to find an eye-catching area to explore.

“If they want to do outdoor adventure type things, you know, we do have the Newmont Lookout to observe the open pit, as well as great hiking and biking in and around the area,” said Lacey Rigg, of Tourism Timmins.

“Beautiful falls, beautiful nature and … when it comes to paddle boarding and kayaking, we have tons of lakes.”

Trahan said visitors, and even locals, might be overwhelmed by just how much there is to see and do and would benefit from having an experienced guide who knows the north inside and out curate an adventure that suits their style, whether you’re an extreme explorer or a more laid-back nature lover.

“Maybe a little bit of wilderness first aid or survival programs … Hiking or an ATV experience or a canoe or kayak experience on some of our local rivers,” he said.

“Some of them are outdoor chefs and their survival skills are very high and they educate the client.”

People looking for something more action-packed and aquatic can test their skills at the Timmins Wakepark. Wakeboarders from around the region flock to flip and fly over the water.

“We’re fortunate enough here, up in Timmins, to wakeboard in northern Ontario, instead of southern Ontario,” said North Bay wakeboarder Zachary Moeltner.

“Not only is the wakeboarding great here and the park setup they have great, but truly Johnny and the people who put on the Timmins Wakepark here, and thus, the northern Ontario people, really make it a more special and welcoming place.”

Whether you’re an independent adventurer or prefer a helping hand, there’s a wealth of ways to discover your wild side and connect with the outdoors.

And officials said the hope is that more opportunities to entertain visitors will come over the years.

“Timmins is growing, the economy is going to be growing as well, too, and so hopefully tourism is going to grow as well,” Trahan said.

And as sporting and cultural events continue coming to the area, the aim is that visitors will leave enriched and entertained, with memories that will keep them coming back.

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