AIMMO Enters Global Market with the Launch of AIMMO Canada

  • AIMMO secures partnerships with Toronto and San Francisco companies in the EV and self-driving fields
  • Establishment of AIMMO Canada expected to result in increased defense industry projects for AIMMO

SEONGNAM, South Korea, Aug. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — One of the world’s leading AI Data companies, AIMMO, a member of the Born2Global Centre, has launched its Canadian branch in the startup hub YSpace Markham, located in Toronto, Canada. AIMMO Canada, will act as the company’s North American base to bring its advanced data operations services to local markets.

AIMMO has launched AIMMO Canada to expand and diversify its operations in Toronto and San Francisco and to make connections with local companies for increased partnership opportunities. AIMMO Canada has already partnered with a NASDAQ-listed startup in the field of EVs and autonomous driving, and as part of the partnership, has been developing datasets for a driver monitoring system.

AIMMO’s Canadian branch also aims to bring AIMMO’s proven data and AI services to the North American defense industry. This builds on AIMMO’s success in the United Kingdom where it has been developing tailored solutions for this industry.

AIMMO’s move to YSpace fast tracks opportunities for growth and collaborations. Established as a part of York University in Canada, YSpace supports communities of innovators and entrepreneurs so that they can continue to grow and have a positive impact on society. There are 538 startups currently receiving support from YSpace, including mentoring and individualized support for the development of customer bases, capital, and leadership. YSpace offers an incubation program that provides tech startups with the material support they need to grow as well as an extensive network of startups and entrepreneurs.

Recognized for accelerating and streamlining data operations in the autonomous driving and smart city fields, AIMMO is in demand by companies globally wishing to remove the challenges of data operations and has recently expanded to Europethe United Kingdom and greater Asiaincluding Japan. AIMMO has been engaged by some of Japanese largest heavy machinery manufacturers and is now applying its annotation formatting experience to seven major projects in the field of industrial safety.

AIMMO’s data prowess has also landed the company two projects for Japanese construction companies. The projects follow AIMMO’s successful completion of a mapping system project for the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Through these projects and by partnering with some of Japanese most influential business leaders, AIMMO is continuing to expand its operations in Japan in many areas, including the fields of optical character recognition, production automation, and smart surveillance.

Seung Taek OhCEO of AIMMO, said “With AIMMO Canada now up and running, AIMMO is primed to support the North American market with proven advanced data operations solutions. We are committed to brining the best in AI to the global market. Our clients attest to the quality of our data and our commitment to solving data issues and meeting project goals.”


AIMMO is redefining how AI can be used and applied to power smart automation. At the heart of AIMMO’s smart automation solution is its proprietary AI-driven approach to the acquisition, curation, labeling, and augmentation of structured, highly accurate training data that is delivered even faster to end users through AIMMO’s automated data operations process.

With its transformative supply and licensing models, AIMMO is leading the global enablement of new smart applications to realize automation efficiency in a wide range of fields from autonomous vehicles to smart cities, industry 4.0, and security services.

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