Bowman’s Travel Brief: Book Now Before Travel Gets Really Crazy

Are you ready for the impending travel boom?

The industry finally received the news it had long been waiting for when the Biden Administration announced last Friday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) would no longer require travelers arriving at American airports from other countries to present a negative COVID-19 test .

The news caused a massive wave of joy and excitement around the travel industry. That testing rule was viewed at the final piece holding us back from a full recovery. Many travel advisors already began receiving calls to finally book an international trip as several American travelers had previously held off on traveling abroad for fear of getting a positive test and being stuck somewhere.

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With that great news comes new worries for the world of travel though, given that so many places are understaffed at the moment. That’s why airlines were canceling summer flights before this news even broke.

Plus, the rise in inflation has resulted in higher prices in just about every sector.

Despite increased costs, the demand for travel is there.

Now that even more people will be booking travel, this summer, fall, and winter is going to get a little crazy. And that’s partly because the rule was dropped but also because so many people desperately want to travel.

Think about it – do you know anyone who isn’t planning some sort of travel this year?

Whether it’s that big international trip or just going to visit friends or family, traveling by plane, car or boat are all increasing in 2022.

So, don’t hesitate to book now or else you may end up regretting it as prices will keep getting higher and seats and rooms will get filled.

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