Local & Experiential Travel on Rise in Rajasthan

Offering a plethora of experiential tours, Rajasthan attracts tourists with interests across all spheres.

Experiential Travel on Rise in Rajasthan

As observed by Thrillophilia in the last quarter of 2021, tourists visiting Rajasthan were seen being interested in experiential travel, seeking unique and memorable experiences and not the traditional sightseeing tours.

Known best for its heritage marvels, most travelers to Rajasthan opt for local and experiential tours. Cities such as Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur, brimming with historic forts, palaces and monuments, attract maximum footfall when it comes to local and experiential tours. Being an excellent way of experiencing the regal past of Rajasthan, luxury staycations are growing in popularity among travelers as well, with Udaipur being the most popular destination that tourists look for in Thrillophilia’s Rajasthan Tour Packages for the experience for its palatial stays and havelis.

Adventure sports too, serves as a big tourist draw among tourists across Rajasthan, although Jaisalmer and Ranthambore stand at the top of the list with their desert camping experiences as well as wildlife safari tours. Some travelers however, do not restrict their stay in Rajasthan to one city, but decide to take short excursions to other offbeat destinations in the vicinity.

36% Travelers Choose Udaipur for Luxury Palatial Stays

Udaipur has proven to be a popular choice among travelers looking for luxury experiences. About 36% of the total number of tourists traveling to the city opt for luxury staycations, choosing from its many heritage hotels, palatial stays and traditional havelis. Short excursions from the city are popular as well, and are taken by tourists traveling to places such as Khumbhalgarh, Rnakpur, Chittor. About 27% of travelers also opt for experiential tours, including food, cycling, helicopter and market tours alongside traditional sightseeing.

Local and Experiential Tours Top Among Travelers in Jaipur

Jaipur’s unparalleled cultural wealth has established its popularity among tourists looking for cultural and historical experiences. As per the data collected by Thrillophilia, nearly 40% of the total number of tourists in Jaipur opt for local tours, with the aim to explore the local heritage and culture of the city on a personal level. While sightseeing tours have always fared well, newer experiences such as haveli walks, photography tours, food tours and Leopard Safari have now risen in popularity as well. Jaipur is a popular choice for luxury staycations as well, housing a fair share of heritage hotels and havelis of its own.

32% Travelers Experienced Local Culture of Jodhpur

Like Jaipur, local experiential tours are the most in demand in Jodhpur. City tours, walking tours and heritage tours across the city take travelers across Jodhpur’s magnificent old forts and palaces, making it the best way to explore the local culture of the place. Around 26% of tourists opt for adventure experiences in the city as well, which include but are not limited to the renowned Fly Fox at Mehrangarh Fort, desert camps and camel safaris, and Bishnoi village safaris. Some travelers also choose to complement their stay in Jodhpur with shorter excursions to nearby, more offbeat destinations, Osian being one such place.

Jaisalmer Desert Attracts Thrill Seekers

Adventure sports remains the biggest draw in Jaisalmer, attracting nearly 57% of its total traveling cohort. The city is especially popular for its desert activities, with dune bashing, desert safaris, parasailing and ATV rides sitting at the top of the list. Trespassing into the domain of luxury stays, the desert camping experience in Jaisalmer is a luxury adventure opted by many in the city. Local tours are fairly popular here as well along with short excursions to nearby places such as Tanot Mata temple, Longewala War Memorial and Khuri Sand Dunes.

Ranthambore Wildlife Safari Hot Favorite Among Travelers

The Ranthambore National Park is an absolute must-visit when in Rajasthan, especially among travelers interested in wildlife safaris, photography as well as wildlife watching. In fact, the Park serves as a popular favorite among tourists, drawing about 54% of the total traveling group. Wildlife safaris, horse riding and jungle walking are some of the many adventures offered here. Luxury staycations are popular here as well, and include luxury jungle camps and stays in heritage forts.

Pushkar: Big on Cultural Experiences

Pushkar, albeit small in size, is big on cultural experiences. About 27% of tourists to Pushkar opt for experiential tours which include the typical assortment of heritage or temple tours, along with specialty experiences such as dining on the dunes. Food and shopping tours are also a hit amongst travelers visiting Pushkar. The city is popular for its adventure sports as well, including experiences such as camel safaris, Jeep safaris and hot air ballooning.

33% Travelers Indulge in Desert Activities at Bikaner

According to the data collected across the last three months of 2021, Bikaner has proven to be an all-round destination. City and cultural tours attract 32% of its total tourist population, and apart from the regular sightseeing tours, the annual Bikaner Camel Fair serves as a big cultural draw. Several travelers also decide to complement their stay in the city with short excursions to offbeat villages and regions in the vicinity. Around 33% choose to travel to Bikaner for its desert activities, with desert safaris and camping being a popular tourist lure.

Owing to the sheer variety of experiential tours offered within Rajasthan, tourists visiting the heritage state are increasingly abandoning traditional sightseeing tours for varied cultural experiences. The allure is inescapable- from the fantastic cuisine to the adventure opportunities, the multifaceted Rajasthan invites its travelers to new experiences, widening the horizon of domestic travel within the country.


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