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Travelers venture into Central Florida for a variety of reasons. It could be because they are about to stay at a Disney Resort and experience some Disney World adventures that fill the area. Perhaps they are simply here to enjoy the amazing nature of Central Florida, especially the beauty of the Everglades.

For those looking to soak up the beauty of the Everglades, why not seek out an airboat tour to zip across the top of the water while experiencing the amazing variety of life available in the Everglades? With so many Airboat companies available, all trying to take advantage of the tourist haven that Kissimmee is, it becomes difficult to know for sure which are the best companies. So to help travelers out, here are the four best companies to take an airboat tour within Kissimmee, Florida.


Explore Wild Florida

Wild Florida could perhaps be the world’s only airboat tour, gator park, and safari adventure. Either way, at just 45 minutes from Disney, they offer amazingly fun airboat rides. For those who don’t want to stop the adventure there. They have the option to continue onto a gator park tour and drive-through safari.

The airboat tour takes travelers deep into the protected swamps, marshes, and rivers of the Everglades Headwaters. The wildlife here is nearly the same as it was a thousand years ago, making this river boat tour a bit of a journey into the past.

If travelers choose to, they may drive their own car through their Safari Park, where visitors can experience over a hundred exotic animals. Included in the price of either the safari or riverboat is the gator park. Guests are welcome to spend time in the park after finishing up either of the previous activities. They even offer delicious BBQs including fried alligator!

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Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures

Travelers have crossed incredible distances to visit Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures. It is hard to compete with the experience of sitting in the front seat of their boat and taking the authentic sights of the Everglades. Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures allows its visitors to select from several touring options. They are the day, sunset, night, or private options. Once travelers have finished their tour, they are welcome to explore the grounds along the lit brick pathways that wind across green grass close to the shore of the lake. Visitors can also experience the Native American Village and gator oasis pond. There are also options for checking out their Gem Mine, where kids can dig up gems, fossils, and alligator and shark teeth. When it’s time to eat, guests can enjoy their Florida-style BBQ.

Kissimmee Swamp Tours

Kissimmee Swamp Tours is different from the rest of the offered tours as they don’t just offer a long or quick ride through the scenery of the Everglades. They offer an exciting and information-filled 60 or 90-minute airboat adventure through the pristine verdant beauty of the Everglades. Professional captains will take travelers through the Everglades as they fill them in and provide information about the areas they are exploring.

Kissimmee Swamp Tours is also not the usual close-to-town airboat ride either. Though they may be a little more out of the way, their location away from houses, city parks, playgrounds, traffic, and just about everything else ensures the visitors will have the most authentic Everglades experience possible.

Kissimmee Swamp Tours can be found in Middleton’s Fish Camp Too and Campground on incredibly beautiful Lake Kissimmee. Like Kissimmee is the third largest lake in Central Florida. It covers over 36,000 acres and is surrounded by state wildlife parks, recreational areas, and protected wetlands. It isn’t sharing any borders with Disney Resorts or with houses and storefronts. An hour outside of Central Florida, this is one of the most nature-packed airboat experiences travelers can find.

  • Address – 4500 Joe Overstreet Rd, Kenansville, FL 34739
  • phone – (407) 436-1059
  • Contact

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Spirit Of The Swamp Airboat Rides

Spirit of the Swamp Airboat Rides is Florida’s most highly rated airboat ride company. Travelers visiting Spirit of the Swamp can enjoy the Everglades as seen on TV and in the movies. Visitors will be captivated by Florida’s magical scenery and the Everglades’ most sought-after of inhabitants, the Alligator!

Spirit of the Swamps doesn’t just offer tours guided by knowledgeable captains but also three different tour length options. There is the one-hour option, the 90-minute option, and the two-hour option. All three will offer guests the opportunity to venture through Florida’s natural paradise of swamps and marshes while taking in panoramic views full of lavish birds and wild critters. This is a must-do activity for travelers venturing through Florida.

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