How To Do A Self-Guided Tour Of Vegas’ Emerald Cove?

While there are numerous sites to go kayaking worldwide, Las Vegas hides a unique gem, Emerald Cove!

It is already summer, and if tourists have not made up their minds about what to do, kayaking is the perfect activity for an exciting getaway. One of the best times to explore the coastline of the area is now. Additionally, it offers an enjoyable outdoor experience. Nothing is more satisfying than feeling completely revived and calm after a challenging physical workout that offers stunning panoramas! While there are numerous sites to go kayaking worldwide, Las Vegas hides a unique gem, Emerald Cove, which is situated along the Colorado River in the wonderful Black Canyon. The cave is one of the most well-liked spots for both local and foreign kayakers. Despite the fact that it is tiny, it receives a lot of tourists each year strving to discover its stunning emerald water. The name “Emerald Cove” refers to the vivid green colors that illuminate the lake when the sun is at the ideal position. It is one of the most elusive natural marvels. Here are some tips on how to do a tour of Vegas’ Emerald Cove.


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How To Get To Vegas’ Emerald Cove

A kayak trip is the most popular way to visit the fabulous Emerald Cove. The neighborhood offers a wide range of choices. Often, small groups of 15 people go on excursions. If needed, a guide is present there, and can go with the folks, and help by providing them with necessary information and inspiration while they paddle up the river. Most frequently, pauses along the road are dedicated to swimming or having some snacks. This cave of the splendid Colorado River offers a calm and leisurely kayaking excursion. Most of the time, the duration of the trip requires some experience. Even so, people who are good swimmers think the journey is well worth it. One possible starting point for Emerald Cove is the magnificent Hoover Dam. This excursion is longer and more adventurous than others with around 12 miles (19.31 Km) in total for this kayaking experience. It is a full-day trip if tourists decide to take this option. Kayakers can follow the traced Black Canyon Water Trail on this route where the side canyons and hot springs are along the way.

Tips To Know Before Visiting Vegas’ Emerald Cove

The quickest paddle path to the cave will take kayakers around 4 hours. The Colorado River in this area is fairly flat and has little current, but it may also get windy, which can make paddling more challenging and slow tourists down. Therefore, it is recommended to visit Emerald Cove on a sunny day and at noon when the sun is striking the cave at the perfect angle to see the water at maximum levels of vivid green shades. If the sky is filled with clouds the color of Emerald Cove will deepen. Although still lovely, the cave may not be as bewitching as on a bright day. Arriving there, kayakers may have to wait for their turn if there are other tourists at the same time because Emerald Cove is not very large, and space is limited to only a few kayaks at a time. Once in the cave, visitors can stay as long as they like if no one else is waiting for them, although it is unlikely that would be the case. It takes around 10 to 20 minutes to thoroughly enjoy the splendor of the cave, snap photographs, and appreciate how stunning this particular place is. If planning to start their journey from Hoover Dam, kayakers have to purchase an excursion permit. The number of available passes is limited to regulate traffic entering and exiting the canyon. Therefore, it is better to plan the trip in advance.

  • Best time to visit: April through October.
  • Excursion permit: The pass costs $22.

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Things To Pack For The Trip To Vegas’ Emerald Cove

It is crucial to bring the proper equipment to enjoy the journey without worries! The weather will affect what kayakers have to carry. It is advised to bring at least these items from spring through fall: water, snacks, quick-drying clothing, and water sandals. If visiting during winter, adventurers should bring warm clothes as the weather become chilly and sometimes wet. To dig more into details, kayakers should wear clothing that they do not mind getting wet! Cotton and jeans are not a suitable combination; layers made of synthetic fabrics are. It is logical and normal that visitors’ legs and trousers get soaked in water, so shorts can help stay cool and quickly dry off in the heat. The outfit is not yet perfect if sandals or shoes are not suitable. Therefore, having the appropriate footwear is essential. When kayaking, from one side, it is really disliked to wear closed-toed shoes since they get wet and sticky, from the other side, flip-flops are not durable enough, they frequently shatter as well, so water sandals are the best pair or shoes. Lastly, sunscreen and a hat are a must while kayaking especially in the summer. It is important also to have a waterproof or a dry bag to put electronics and food in it to avoid any damage due to water.

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