Management of Undisan Tourism Village to inspire other regions

The Undisan Tourism Village has one of the best tourism village management (approaches) because it has prioritized community-based tourism that upholds the existing community

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno stated that management of the Undisan Tourism Village in Bali could be a source of inspiration for other regions to develop qualified and sustainable tourism and creative economy.

“The Undisan Tourism Village has one of the best tourism village management (approaches) because it has prioritized community-based tourism that upholds the existing community,” Uno noted in an official statement on Saturday.

He also lauded the success of the Undisan Tourism Village in ranking in the list of the top 50 tourism villages in the Indonesian Tourism Village Awards (ADWI) 2022.

The residents of Undisan Village mostly work as farmers, breeders, and craftsmen of gold and silver flowers. The craft work is then later packaged and sold by the tourism village managers.

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“Undisan Tourism Village, which is under the auspices of the Undisan Kelod Traditional Village, still conducts preservation of the arts and culture, strengthened by their customary village regulation as well,” the minister revealed.

Some of the cultural activities still being conducted include traditional peparuman, a type of deliberation; temple preservation; subak, a community organization that specifically regulates the irrigation system for rice fields used in cultivation of the commodity; the Ngaben ceremony, or the cremation ritual; and the preservation of sacred dance forms.

Uno noted that the Undisan Tourism Village offered homestay, with interesting facilities and activities for tourists, such as dance class, dance performance, and special culinary delicacies, to get the tourists involved.

“In the midst of a pandemic, it is proven that the rate of visits to tourist villages has increased by 30 percent. When tourism suffers during the pandemic, tourist villages become the main option since (they offer an opportunity to experience) village life with natural settings,” Uno remarked.

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During the 2022 ADWI, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy involves strategic partners to collaborate in the development of tourist villages, especially those ranked among the top 50 best tourist villages.

Uno noted that the Undisan Tourism Village will receive support from Adira Finance in developing Muslim-friendly tourist villages.

“Through Adira Finance Syariah, we will support tourism by contributing to the development of facilities and infrastructure for mosque at five tourist villages included in the 50 Best Tourism Villages in 2022,” President Director of Adira Finance Dewa Made Susila noted.

He expressed optimism that the support would provide benefits for tourism development and the creative economy in Tourism Villages.

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