Michigan Town Makes List of American’s Best Lake Towns

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There’s still lots of summer left to enjoy the pristine lakes that Michigan has to offer. One of the most Michigan-y things you can do during the summer months is head to a local lake and soak up the rays. I even enjoy visiting lakes in the fall and taking in the beautiful sights amid the changing autumn colors.

Michigan is known for its lakes, and one Michigan town has been named one of the best lake towns in the entire US “There are few things more relaxing than the quintessentially American lake vacation,” says TravelandLeisure.com, who conducted the study. “This is a country chock-full of picturesque lakes, from the northeastern shores of Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire and Rangeley Lake in Maine, all the way to the southern California shores of Big Bear Lake. And we specifically wanted to hone in on the best lake towns in America as a way to help travelers pinpoint exactly where to book a week-long rental or a charming inn for their next lake vacation.”

They added, “These towns are not only right on the waterfront of the country’s clearest and most sought-after lakes – they have bustling town centers and lively culture within. And isn’t that what makes the best lake towns shine? They’re not just waterfront havens where you can rent a boat for the day or go stand-up paddle boarding, they’re also destinations with exciting restaurants, hotels, shopping, and plenty of non-water-based activities.”

So, which town made the list in Michigan? Charlevoix, with the publication stating that the town, “is the perfect getaway to Lake Michigan. While Charlevoix offers both waterfront attractions and inland charms, beach-going visitors will love the five miles of shore at Fisherman’s Island State Park and Beach. For those who aren’t as keen on sinking their toes into soft white sand, Charlevoix is ​​also home to Lavender Hill Farm, with idyllic fields packed with 25 lavender varieties, and Castle Farms – an actual stone castle in northern Michigan. This lake town is brimming with charming accommodations, too, from the more modern Hotel Earl to the historic Bridge Street Inn and the waterfront Edgewater Inn & Suites.” Find the full list via this link.

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