MP govt ayurvedic college to attract newlyweds with picturesque site and healthy offsprings mantra

Nestled on a hilltop overlooking the city of lakes, the Bhopal-based Government Ayurvedic college is set to foray into the “wellness business” by wooing newly-weds and foreigners with tips on having “utkrisht” (excellent) babies besides other special packages , officials said.

While Madhya Pradesh Ayush Minister Ram Kishore Kanware refused to disclose details regarding the upcoming wellness centre, an official of the Government Khushilal Sharma Ayurvedic College and Hospital told PTI that one of the ten packages being planned is meant for newlyweds with a diet regimen containing herbs for having “Utkrisht Santan Utpatti” (excellent progeny). “The wellness center would start in a month or 45 days. It’s going to have many things. I won’t dwell on the details right now of the services the wellness center is going to offer,” said Kanware.

Queried about the wellness centre’s plans to promote “Garbhini Parcharya” (Pregnant women’s care) and ‘Utkrisht Santan Utpatti’, he said all things will be disclosed when the center will be dedicated to people.

“A meeting about the wellness center would be held shortly. The center’s opening was delayed due to the model code of conduct for the civic bodies polls,” he told PTI.

Meanwhile, the official said the wellness center is coming up with plans to promote wellness tourism.

“As per the plans, the Ayurvedic college will have a 50-bed unit where people can also stay for seven to ten days,” the official said.

Speaking on the services, he said, “We are going to come out with some ten wellness packages – one for the newly-married couples with a diet regimen containing herbs for having ‘Utkrisht Santan Utpatti”.

Besides, under the “Garbhini Parcharya” package, gynecologists will advise pregnant women on the dos and don’ts for nine months. Counseling of couples too would be done by experts, he added.

The other packages include the treatment for lifestyle diseases, weight loss management, and spine and joint disorders, the official added.

He said the college will seek the help and nod of the state government and the tourism department for operating the wellness centre.

The official said the 50-bed facility at the college named after Khushilal Sharma, father of former President Shankar Dayal Sharma, is ready.

“The interior work of the building is being done. We are hopeful of kickstarting this facility shortly which will attract foreign tourists as well. The center would be open for Indians and foreigners,” he added.

When contacted and asked about the ‘Utkrisht Santan Utpatti’ and ‘Garbani Paricharya’ services, an Ayush Department official said “it is not wise to comment as the center is not opened yet”.

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