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With at least 1.5 million visitors expected to flock to Qatar for the World Cup.

With less than 100 days to go until the much-anticipated 2022 FIFA World Cup, more citizens and residents are seeking to rent out their properties in Qatar for incoming football enthusiasts.

Hussein Al Kaabi, CEO of Dlala Real Estate, revealed on Saturday that the company is launching its official portal on 25 August to open up chances for renting properties.

speaking to Al Kass ChannelAl Kaabi said Dlala is working alongside official platforms by the Ministry of Interior and the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC).

Dlala currently has 1,710 units and aims to have thousands more properties available by the time the tournament kicks off.

“The demand is increasing and there is a market asking for more real estate, and we can close the door on September 30, and I expect that we will reach 5,000 housing units,” said Al Kaabi.

What you need to know

Those wishing to list their properties on Dlala can determine the rental value in addition to a 40% fee in exchange for services, from security, cleaning and maintenance.

He noted that Dlala receives the additional fee from the tenants rather than the owners, given its provision of the extra services.

“This means that the average price for this area, for example, is one $1000 as set by the owner, so we offer it at $1,400 and give the owner the thousand dollars that he requested, and an indication that we do not take not one riyal from the owner,” explained Al Kaaabi.

External rooms in villas can also be rented and will be treated as a separate part of the building.

Al Kaabi said that Dlala receives marketing fees from the owners while providing consultation on how to present their properties for potential tenants.

In terms of the rental period, Al Kaabi said it lasts from November 1 until December 18. In the event that the tenant needs more than 48 days of accommodation, the matter can be discussed between the owner and Dlala.

Property rental initiatives

With at least 1.5 million visitors expected to flock to Qatar for the World Cup, the Gulf state launched various initiatives to provide citizens and residents the opportunity to rent their properties.

In January, Qatar Tourism introduced an accelerated process to issue a ‘Holiday Homes License’ for domestic property owners in Qatar.

The process enables owners to lease out their units through international renting websites including Booking.com, Airbnb, Vrbo, and Holidayhomes.com. It also issued regulations to protect both owners and tenants.

Property owners who rent their units without obtaining a license risk getting a QAR 200,000 fine and/or two years in prison.

the idea of ​​renting homes and hosting fans was introduced in late September 2021 to help cater to the large number of visitors.

Holiday Home is a subsidiary of www.qatartourism.com, the E-service section of the website provides an option for property owners to fill a form and request a call from one of Qatar Tourism’s agents to assist in the application for the license, once the request is approved a team examines the unit to complete the process. The license is valid for 5 years and is applicable for renewal, this allows owners to benefit from renting and gaining extra income through short-term rentals.

“The spirit of hospitality is a distinct feature of Qatari tradition. As we prepare to host visitors from every corner of the world for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, it is our chance to showcase our true essence,” Director of Tourism licensing, Mohamed Al Ansari, said.

“Qatar Tourism invites all residential property owners to share our spirit of hospitality while generating extra income from their unused units by simply getting a Holiday Homes license,” Al Ansari added.

Landlords are responsible for guaranteeing that the units meet all requirements and legislations and are listed with essential services and amenities. Authorities say they will conduct constant inspections to ensure that required standards are always met.

So how does it work?

The government-run regulation program is simple and effective for both landlords and consumers – in fact, it can be completed in just two steps.

Step one: Apply online for a Holiday Homes license online using the Qatar Tourism e-Services portal.

Step two: Once you’re authorized to rent out your property, simply list your holiday home on any platform, including Booking.com, Tripadvisor, Vrbo and AirBnb.

However, to become authorized to rent out your property, you’ll need to go through a series of applications and assessments.

Firstly, all specifications and conditions for home rentals must be met before applying for the category you want to list your property under, and this can be done through the completion of a self assessment form that must be submitted with the License Issuance Application.

This will then lead to an inspection visit from the Licensing Department which will allow the experts time to identify any key issues – or alternatively – give you the thumbs up.

Upon inspection, the team will check and confirm if the unit conforms to guidelines and standards needed for the category you have applied for. A report will then be provided containing details of any alterations that need to be made to the unit.

Unit owners will be given time to address any deficiencies and carry out any changes required but the inspectors make a final visit to check on progress.

If all necessary changes have been made, the unit will finally be able to receive a permanent classification certificate valid for 5 years.

Although the process may take some time to complete, it does offer your soon-to-be-customers peace of mind knowing you’ve adopted quality standards.

With these simple steps, villa or apartment owners and renters in Qatar’s vibrant tourism areas will be able to open their properties up to travelers and new opportunities to make revenue and expand their portfolios.

With Qatar 2022 round the corner, this presents a golden opportunity for property owners to solidify their places on the vacation rental market in Qatar that is surely set to boost in the run up and post World Cup.

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