Amataya Wellness makes debut of Thailand’s first-ever salt hot spring rehabilitation and healthcare center in Krabi

Klongtom Salt Hot Spring is unique and special with its highly appropriate temperatures and distinctive healing properties, particularly in helping stimulate healthy blood circulation, lower blood pressure, reduce joint inflammation, and relieve musculoskeletal symptoms. The miraculous salt hot spring is also efficient in keeping the nervous system healthy and reducing inflammation of the skin.

At Amataya Rehabilitation Hospital, patients will be offered personalized health rehabilitation programs using salt hot spring baths in combination with scientifically proven physical therapy and traditional Thai massage. Furthermore, the Klongtom Heritage project has been joined by well-known business alliances, including TRPH Hospital, Wat Phra Chetupon Traditional Medicine School (Wat Pho), Ishii Stroke Rehabilitation Center, and Bangkok Healthcare Service (BHS), for their utmost professionalism and long -standing experience in specific areas of expertise. In addition, healing properties derived from the salt hot spring can be ideal for rejuvenating stroke patients. The salt hot spring can also be used to treat several other ailments, such as Parkinson’s disease, psoriasis, muscle injuries caused by sports, diabetic wounds, and more, which must be practiced under the close supervision of professional doctors and nurses.

Amataya Wellness makes debut of Thailand's first-ever salt hot spring rehabilitation and healthcare center in Krabi

At Amataya Holistic Medical Treatment, the healing benefits of the salt hot spring are used in combination with traditional Thai massage available in the forms of therapeutic baths, spas, and massage for both treatment and relaxation. Soaking or bathing in the salt hot spring can also help stimulate the nervous and circulatory systems to function better in the long term. In the very near future, Amataya Wellness plans to come up with a broader range of superior healthcare services, for example, regenerative medicine with cell therapy and personalized medicine, which will be developed as personalized healthcare programs, while preparing to expand the service areas to serve a growing demand for services in the future.

mr. Wichai Poolworaluk, Chairman of Klongtom Heritage Company Limited, reaffirmed the establishment of the Klongtom Heritage project and the opening of Amataya Wellness have paved the way for Krabi province to become a new world health and wellness destination in a more substantial manner, particularly in upgrading its level among other provinces in the Andaman Wellness Economic Corridor (AWC) project and moving forward with the National Economic Development Plan for the development of Thailand’s health tourism. These have labeled Krabi province as one of the world’s smart health and wellness cities as the province has demonstrated its potential and readiness for health tourism, with amazingly beautiful nature highlighted by famous seas, picturesque mountains, and tropical forests. When combining them with the uniqueness of Klongtom Salt Hot Spring, regarded as one of the world’s five best salt hot springs, it reflects Amataya Wellness’s truly specialized expertise in medical care and health rehabilitation, reassuring the confidence in promoting Thailand as another must-visit international health and wellness hub for everyone across the world.

Amataya Wellness makes debut of Thailand's first-ever salt hot spring rehabilitation and healthcare center in Krabi

Amataya Wellness is Thailand’s first-ever salt hot spring rehabilitation and healthcare center, located at 88 Moo 7, Huai Nam Khao sub-district, Klongtom district, Krabi province 81120. It offers a comprehensive range of medical treatment and health rehabilitation services for both IPD and OPD patients who are seeking health rehabilitation programs, particularly for recovery after stroke and other aids. The rehabilitation and healthcare center also provides preventive healthcare services which include salt hot spring baths and traditional Thai massage. For more information, please contact Amataya Wellness at Tel: 092 270 2589.


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