Entrepreneur launches FacesofNaija App, targets 8 million young people

Nzan Ogbe speaking during the launched of the first indigenous community platform tagged FacesofNaija App.


The former Special Adviser to Governor Liyel Imoke of Cross River State, Nzan Ogbe has launched the first indigenous community platform tagged FacesofNaija App.

Mr Ogbe, who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairmen of the company said the app came after two years of revolutionary ideas

According to him, “from the days when school telegraph was considered the hottest technology and best medium for communication to now when Facebook has evolved to a mind reading device, social media has crossed many levels of evolution that one begins to wonder what next.

mr. Ogbe stated this on Tuesday at the Dochester Hall of Spar Mall Cultural center complex Calabar Cross River State.

He also stated that FacesofNaija was birthed with these tenants in mind. FacesofNaija promises a unique user experience never before seen in the Nigerian social media landscape.

“The company intends to create a platform that is community driven, powered by verifiable news, a virtual tour ability and so much more”

“Social media platforms are the norm of these days for their global accessibility however FacesofNaija will be Nigeria’s first dynamic social media platform. It is built with the intent of connecting Nigerians to their community irrespective of their current locations. It is a bridge that closes the gap between Nigerians and their community by allowing them get first hand information from their community”

“The platform also features indigenous newspaper reviews and global breaking news to keep people abreast of current happenings in the nation and world at large. This was situated to counter the scourge of fake news and its implications”

“The company introduces a new media experience; the 3D virtual tour that would allows users visit tourist sites, hotels, schools, religious institutions and landmarks.this unique feature brings a new experience not available on more popular platforms by allowing users have first hand experience of different destinations, events and locations as if physically present. From 360 degrees video of event and scenery to a tour placement of which you can move to any place within the tour with just a click”

“Facesofnaija also also inculcates general populace features like games, a marketplace, jobs, groups, live streaming etc. All these and more are locked up in this brand new experience which can be downloaded in play store or app store”.

Also speaking, the founder of Arthur Javis University, Arthur Javis, said: ‘One of the reasons why social networking applications like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and many more are taking over as best communication platforms is because of its ability to evolve itself adapting to different generational demands making the world a much more smaller village”.

“With the advent of smart phones and smart technology, it is estimated that within the next ten years communication on social media could be at the speed of thought”.

“Convenience, integration and a great user experience is a key reason for the evolution of social media platforms. These three pillars are central to all major growth that has been seen from all the great platforms that has maintained a rapid audience of users”.

“The Nigerian social media stage has been begging for a social media platform that embraces these tenants and allows Nigerians the scope of influence experienced by their peers”, he said.

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