From roller coasters to residences, retail and restaurants

GEAUGA LAKE – Excavators have been humming on the Bainbridge Township side of Geauga Lake and homes are going up on Aurora’s side as redevelopment ramps up at the sites of the former Geauga Lake Park, Sea World of Ohio and Wildwater Kingdom.

With plans for “reigning this iconic landmark,” the multi-use district already has town houses and single-family homes built and sold, while more are planned, along with apartments, offices and retail.

None of the former roller coasters, rides, water slides and other attractions were left by Geauga Lake’s former owner Cedar Fair, but remnants such as ride/building concrete pads, asphalt and behind walkways remained.

Geauga Lake Park dates to 1887, when it was called Giles Pond and soon after Picnic Lake Park. It closed for good in 2007. Wildwater Kingdom remained until 2016.

The only significant building remaining is the ballroom along state Route 43 between East Boulevard and Moneta Avenue, just north of the Geauga Lake Improvement Corp.’s small lakeside park.

The Geauga Lake ballroom is about the only building remaining on the former amusement park's land.  It is along Route 43 heading from Aurora to Bainbridge Township.

For several years, the property deteriorated and became an eyesore and a place for trespassing and vandalism.

creating a community

Sitetech Inc., located in Grafton, has been recycling and removing thousands of tons of aggregate for the past few months on the Bainbridge side of the lake. The firm specializes in demolition, earthwork and underground utilities.

“We’ve made great strides with the demolition efforts over the last nine months on this sprawling property,” said Jeff Martin, senior vice president of development for Industrial Commercial Properties of Solon, the firm redeveloping most of the Bainbridge side of the lake.

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