Katahdin monument’s possible expansion is an endorsement of its success

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Nearly six years ago, the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument was created by presidential executive order. Since then, the monument – ​​on land donated to the federal government by Roxanne Quimby and her family – has brought visitors and new economic activity to the region.

Now, Maine’s senators have introduced legislation to allow an expansion of the monument, which could spread its benefits more directly to the Millinocket area. Federal legislation is needed to change the boundaries of national monuments and parks.

The bill would allow land, acquired from willing sellers, to be added to the monument so that a new entry road could be built at its southern end. This would allow visitors to directly access the monument from Millinocket, which is closer to major roadways such as Interstate 95 and is a gateway to Baxter State Park. Currently, visitors must enter the park from the east near Sherman or the north beyond Shin Pond Village. The bill would allow about 43,000 acres to be added to the monument.

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