Great Wall Motor partners with TAT to promote Ecotourism

Elliot Zhang, President Asean of Great Wall Motor, said: “Since the very beginning of our business in Thailand, we have focused on the mission of ‘In Thailand, For Thailand’ or growing while improving Thailand for Thai people. In our second year of business operations in Thailand, GWM will continue pursuing such mission and offering new experiences to Thai consumers with quality electric vehicles and services, while strengthening the country’s EV ecosystem. activities, which will contribute to the growth of tourism and environmental preservation in general. In the meantime, we will support public relations tasks on social and media channels to create awareness of eco-travelling with new-energy vehicles. partnership to bring to life many activities to promote Thailand’s tourism consistently. mission to carry out social activities under the ‘GWM Initiative’, which focuses on improving the social environment, promoting cultural diversity, and developing communities in a sustainable way.”

Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, said: “It is the TAT’s mission to promote marketing and public relations activities as well as to build trust to expand the quality markets, making Thailand an ever-popular destination for tourists while driving net It is a great opportunity to further reinforce our partnership with GWM through the MOU on counseling, analyzing, planning, and supporting ecotourism activities, for which new-energy vehicles are being utilized. The TAT will work closely with GWM to drive tourism towards good carbon governance (carbon dioxide management in tourism), and we would like to thank the company for continuously supporting tourism activities.”

GWM has consistently provided high-performance electric vehicles packed with superb safety technology and cutting-edge innovation, including the All-New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV and All New HAVAL JOLION Hybrid SUV, supporting the TAT’s initiatives eg, ‘TAT BCG Road Trip’, promoting simple tourism in the central region; ‘TAT YEC Green Road Trip’, strengthening the bond between the central and the eastern regions; ‘Green Road Trip’ in the northeastern region; and ‘Green Road Trip’ in the southern region. Meanwhile, the TAT has offered counsel for the ‘GWM Life Road Trooper’ program.

All of this has promoted traveling with eco-friendly alternative energy vehicles as well as ecotourism across Thailand.

GWM, as the ‘Global Intelligent Technology Company’, is committed to developing products and innovations that offer clean, safe, and comfortable commute experiences for Thai consumers.

In addition, the company focuses on supporting society and elevating the country’s automotive industry while standing alongside society and consumers to drive forward Thailand’s economic growth.


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