Have you ever seen Rishikesh’s ‘Shivpuri’? To visit such a unique place, even a day’s leave is less.

Shivpuri is a small village 16 km away from Rishikesh, which is quite famous for its many activities. Here you can go from luxury camping to budget friendly camping, enjoy fun activities like river rafting, bonfire, bungee jumping, kayaking, zipline, skycycle. If you just want to roam on the weekend, then Rishikesh is the perfect place for you, but if you come here then it is very important to include some activities in the list. Shivpuri is most famous for this. So let’s make a plan to visit Shivpuri, Rishikesh with friends during these holidays.

River Rafting in Shivpuri – River Rafting in Shivpuri

When it comes to river rafting, the first thing that comes to our mind is Rishikesh. If you have gone to Rishikesh and did not do this activity here, then understand that your journey remained incomplete. There are many operators here, who get river rafting done at this place. If you want to enjoy some such great activities, then you can go here at any time of the year, just yes, keep in mind not to go here in the peak season. Rishikesh is very crowded during the peak season, so make your planning accordingly. Neither too easy nor difficult…for the women who love to climb the mountains, the tracking of these places is perfect.

Flying Fox in Shivpuric

Flying Fox is one of the exciting activities, for which the crowd of tourists is seen the most here. In this game, you are tied to a rope and then sent forward through the rope. The distance from one place to another is great, due to which the excitement of the people increases even more. At the same time, the lush greenery surrounding, the river flowing below doubles the fun of adventure. It is better to go out to do jungle safari today than to sit at home, roam around for the next 2 days even on vacation

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Bungee Jumping Near Shivpuri


Bungee jumping in Rishikesh is a popular activity among the tourists of the city. In this activity, the person is dropped from the height, oh don’t panic, this activity is done by the operators with complete safety. As you drop the height, you will get to see a fascinating view of the surrounding valley and the river flowing below. Well, while falling from such a height, everyone stops beating for some time, but try to enjoy that moment with flowers. This activity has been designed by experts from New Zealand. At this place of India, the waterfall flows upside down, people’s heads are spinning as soon as they see the view

Campsite in Shivpuric


The beauty of the majestic Himalayas, the clear waters of the Ganges and the mesmerizing beauty of the surrounding forests make Rishikesh the perfect destination for adventure sports like camping and rafting. There are many such camp spots, which are located near the river, where you can spend a night in luxury and budget friendly camping. You are going to have a lot of fun with the camping and rafting service here. The world’s most dangerous road is in India, only after seeing the road people start remembering the one above.

Skycycle in Shivpuri – Skycycle in Shivpuri


You must have cycled on land till today, but have you ever cycled in the sky, no? So what is the delay, get ready to go cycling with friends. Before sky cycling you are given a skycycle, helmet and other safety equipment. This activity is done under the supervision of trainers and professionals.

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