UPDATE: Operation Polar, New Plymouth Homicide

Police investigating the homicide of Rei Marshall in New Plymouth earlier this month are seeking more help from the public.

Three men have been charged with murder in relation to Mr Marshall’s death and are before the courts.

As part of ongoing inquiries, Police are interested in sightings of a grey/silver Mazda Axela hatchback, with a damaged or missing front driver’s side headlight, near the foreshore, East End playground, and Pig-out Point around 7pm on Wednesday, 3 August .

We are also seeking information about any suspicious activity by people along the walkway crossing the bridges over Te Henui Stream, near the bowling club and croquet club around the same time.

In particular, we are interested in sightings of a distinctive orange puffer jacket (pictured) in the area.

The Police National Dive Squad has been searching the stream and has recovered several items of interest to the homicide investigation.

We are interested in anyone who may have seen any unusual or out of place items discarded in this area late on the evening of Wednesday, 3 August or on the morning of Thursday, 4 August.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Police on the dedicated phone number 0900 287 453.

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