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HOLDREGE — AJ and Emily Popple describe themselves as classic millennials who took part in the Great Resignation.

Emily was a registered nurse at Holdrege Memorial Homes, while AJ worked as a contractor and a car salesman in Holdrege. The couple were passionate about their careers, but they wanted to invest in their own business.

“I think Emily and I both present a lot of value anywhere we’ve worked. We’ve kind of realized we want to get out of the rat race. We had to do something,” AJ said.

As they were exploring different business options, Emily stumbled across Wholesale Logistics LLC while on a shopping trip in Lincoln. Emily, her mother and her sister-in-law were planning to go thrift shopping, but it was Sunday, and the thrift stores were closed. Instead, they found themselves at Wholesale Logistics.

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“We walked in, and we’re like, ‘What is this place?’” Emily said.

AJ and Emily Popple recently opened Wholesale Specialists LLC in Holdrege. The business is a liquidation store that sells high-quality products for discounted prices.


Emily came home with her purchases, and she explained to her husband how the business worked. The company buys items from liquidators at a discount and then sells the items well below retail prices.

“I’m a businessman, and in my head, the wheels start turning,” AJ said.

AJ Wholesale Logistics in Lincoln to learn about their operation, and he knew they needed to take the chance on their own wholesale business.

“I follow Warren Buffett a lot on social media, and he talks about when you’re investing if you see a home run, swing. If you see a pitch coming in that’s a homerun, don’t be scared,” he explained.

The Popples took the plunge to open Wholesale Specialists LLC in Holdrege. They are currently holding their sales at the Phelps County Agricultural Center until they move into a permanent new location.

They purchase inventory from liquidators, and the products come from Amazon, Walmart, Target, eBay, CVS and other major retailers. Many of the items are returned or have damaged packaging.

They follow a model where items are $8 on Friday, $5 on Saturday, $3 on Sunday and $1 on Monday. They also have some fixed-priced merchandise.

At their first sale earlier this month, they had full-size trampolines for $30. They also sold TVs, video games, Keurigs, air fryers, printer cartridges, microwaves, shoes, clothes and much more.

Before they opened the doors for their first sale, they had people waiting outside the doors.



“That’s fun. All these people came from everywhere, and they’re so excited. They come back, and they’re like, ‘I got a Keurig yesterday for eight bucks. It works great.’ I got emotional. It just feels so good,” Emily said about the experience.

The couple are revving up for their next sale that will take place from 9 am-9 pm Sept. 1-4 at the Phelps County Ag Center in Holdrege. There will be all new inventory available.

As the Popples take on the new venture, they are also looking to add more people to their team, including two full-time employees.

“We’re gonna be employee-centered. We’ve worked for enough places that we feel like maybe they didn’t value us and didn’t value the other people that we were working with that they should be valuing,” AJ said.

Although the couple enjoyed their former careers, they are embracing their new business and the opportunities it provides for the community.

“The response we got was so positive. I think it just really gave me all my energy back,” said Emily. “I just feel like we did the right thing for us right now.”


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