Southwest Locks In Cheap Interisland Fare Through Year End

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Southwest Airlines will continue to offer its low island hopping fares through the end of the year. In July, it began offering flights between the Hawaiian islands for only $39. The airline has announced that it will continue offering this until the end of 2022. The airline will also be adding 22 new daily interisland flights in September. The airline has received positive feedback from the market with these low fares.

Low cost island flying

Southwest Airlines has announced that it will offer its promotional island hopping fares in Hawaii until the end of 2022. The airline currently offers one-way tickets between the islands for only $39. The airline flies between five different destinations across the island state from its base at Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on the island of Oahu. From there, it services Maui, Kuai, and two airports on the big island, which include Kona and Hilo. It also operates a daily flight between Kona and Maui. In June, the airline began a daily flight between Maui and Kauai.


Southwest will increase its daily flights between the Hawaiian islands from 38 to 60 in September. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

The carrier operates 38 daily flights between the four islands, and starting in September, it plans to add frequency to the preexisting routes. This will being the number of daily interisland flights from 38 to 60. Each flight is relatively short, with the longest of these being under an hour. In Hawaii, flights between islands are essential for many locals and tourists. They provide access to needed medical services, required business travel, and various attractions for tourists. A spokesperson for Southwest stated,

“Since entering the Aloha State in Spring 2019 with interisland service, we’ve lowered airfares for Hawaii families and business travelers who had found it difficult to visit other islands for the many reasons air travel is uniquely necessary in Hawaii – business travel, medical care , shopping, as well as day trips for tourism.

“For mainland visitors coming before the end of the year, our 60 interisland flights among five airports in Hawaii also makes it feasible to visit and support Island communities that are still recovering from the economic hit of the pandemic, while seeing more of diversity that makes Hawaii one of the most unique and special collection of communities on the planet.”

flexible fare

These tickets come with all the standard features included with Southwest’s usual fare, which includes two free checked bags, flight credits that don’t expire, and flexible booking options. The airline plans to upgrade its inflight experience by adding larger overhead storage compartments, personal plug-ins to charge electronic devices, and upgraded WiFi.

Southwest plans to upgrade its passenger experience in the coming months. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

The airline also offers reduced fares until the end of the year in the contiguous US. Throughout fall and winter, many passengers can fly throughout the mainland US for only $59. The fare is only offered for one-way tickets and only on select routes during select times. The tickets must be purchased before midnight US central time on August 26th. Southwest hopes the low Hawaii and mainland fares will direct the high levels of air travel demand towards its booking site instead of its competitors.

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