A Poor Land?

Uranus was a bad father. He despised his children so much that he locked them in the depths of the earth, which were the womb of the mother, the goddess Gaia. This did not end well, and Gaye convinced one of his offspring, the god Kronos, to cut off his father’s testicles. Since then it has become clear that times can be very cruel. Kronos threw his father’s genitals into the sea, and from that white foam was born Aphrodite. Such a huge and fiery sperm can only bring the goddess of love, beauty and lust.

According to Greek mythology, all this dispersal took place in Cythera, an Ionian island that with such ancestors became a place of pilgrimage for independence from all of Europe during the 18th century. Thus, he guessed the proverb of another great playboy Oscar Wilde, according to which the only way to get rid of temptation is to give in to it. He would have been heaven on earth, a cultured and rococo version of the island of temptations, but without the cameras.

In the late 20th century, travel became popular, and so many visitors attracted by the blissful and wild beaches began to haunt Cythera’s locals. Dutch author Ilja Leonard Feijfer tells in her book Grand Hotel Europe (Ed. Cliffe) A referendum was called in Cythera to decide whether to invest in tourist infrastructure. To give you an idea, there are less than four thousand people living on that Greek island today, which is spread over an area similar in size to the municipality of Mankor. Only two residents voted in favor of tourism development.

A happy explanation of the outcome of the question can be sought: a romantic community that is willing to live thanks to the cultivation of wheat, barley and viticulture, the minimum production of oil, and fishing for self-consumption. But no, the reality was that years ago a large proportion of the population had emigrated to Australia, and most of those who lived regularly received money from their relatives in antipodes. Currency remittances to Cythera may be decreasing, as a quick search on the net indicates over 150 tourist accommodations to be available for the next week.

Mass tourism is a relatively recent phenomenon, and its impact on the most popular destinations deserves a quiet debate when it comes to setting long-term goals, given the ideological gaps and current policy of spitting on Twitter. Mallorca’s seams have never been torn before this August. With the amount of hotel supplies practically frozen over the years, you don’t need to be a lynx to figure out the two factors that have contributed most to overcrowding over the past decade: low-cost flights and tourists. Rapid increase in rent.

That the radical left is now finding greater limits to claim Palma airport is comical. They are the ones who fought for decades so that the working class had the right to travel to the same destinations as the rich, but cheaper. Without going so far in time, until two days ago he protected tourist fares without restrictions because it meant “complementing the benefits of tourism”, that is, the victory of socialism over the capitalist model. Now that the balloon is about to burst, there is no talk of hypocrisy.

The same can be said of the most reactionary authority. The ultra-liberal model failed even in the United States, the paradise of the free market. Supply and demand are not able to balance themselves in very popular destinations without causing serious damage, and cities such as New York or Miami have severely restricted tourist rentals. Amsterdam, Rome, Paris, Venice… Palma has the privilege of playing in the league of Europe’s hottest cities, but Mallorca can’t be the jungle.

That day I was listening to a progressive journalist say that this debate should undoubtedly be ideological. The problem is that there are merchants, restaurants and taxi drivers in this holy land from left to right, to the semi-pensioner. And the owners of Podemos and Vox rent out Grandma’s swimming pool for a pasture in the summer. They are overwhelmed by all the heat and crowds, but none of them want to go back to the wagons and the almond groves.

Baudelaire Cythera and in . traveled to flowers of evil Left written: Which island is this, glowy and dark? This is Cythera. Is

They tell us, celebrated in country songs,

The banana gold of all the brave in the past.

Look, after all, this is a poor wasteland.

There will be no referendum in the Balearic Islands. Because we don’t have any relatives in Sydney, and because those who resist the most by having their kidneys covered well, they don’t offer a choice. But something has to be done to avoid being after all… One poor countryAnd that tourism’s golden eggs don’t end like Uranus, castrated and soaked

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