Camping means food means chaos

The trick to camping is finding time to relax.

Because in my family, camping isn’t what you see on TV, that idyllic setting of a quiet couple enjoying a fire while their loyal dog sits obediently as yodeling loons drift nearby on a calm lake.

Our camps are a bit more chaotic. Because our family camping trips, as they have for years, involve a small army of hungry people of various sizes and shapes and at least one dog that is obsessed with pursuing squirrels.

There is no doubt that we have evolved with the advancement of technology. For several families, the days of tents have been replaced with giant campers that offer fluffy beds, multiple televisions and air conditioning.

As for me, my tent days are certainly behind me ever since I needed assistance from multiple people to rise from an air mattress that, no matter how thick it was, still didn’t prevent my wife from being flung off the opposite edge every time I plopped down.

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