Empresa Homes Mariveles welcomes new homeowners

Empresa Homes Mariveles, located at Barangay Lucanin in Mariveles, Bataan, is just the residential enclave homeowners need to set down roots. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

ALL eyes are on Bataan, currently tagged as the “Industrial Heartland of Central Luzon.” The designation is well-earned as this once laidback province is now a bustling industry and investment hub where a slew of industrial estates and multinational companies thrive.

With several engines of growth across the Bataan Peninsula — the Hermosa Ecozone Industrial Park; the Bataan Technology Park and Subic Bay Freeport Zone; the Mount Samat Flagship Tourism Enterprise Zone; the Limay Industrial Estate and Government Arsenal; and the Freeport Area of ​​Bataan — it is only logical that homebuyers and property investors are earnestly eyeing Bataan as an ideal place to settle down.

Indeed, the past years have seen Bataan steadily transform into a flourishing economic zone, opening doors for job and business opportunities and affording its longtime residents and migrant workers the chance to prosper and grow. These comprise the market of potential homebuyers that leading residential property developer Empresa Homes, known for building its projects in progressive towns and cities in the Philippines, is primed to serve.

Empresa Mariveles homeowners are likewise perfectly positioned to benefit from infrastructure projects that are underway. One is the longest and largest span in the region — the Bataan-Cavite Interlink Bridge, a 15-minute drive from Empresa Mariveles. Cross the Manila Bay from Mariveles to Cavite in just 30 minutes.

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As in the developer’s other residential projects in the country, Empresa Mariveles features leisure and security amenities, like a basketball court, a park, and a kiddie playground — plus guarded entrances and exits and a perimeter fence.

For more information, visit Empresa home models via virtual tours in the BRIA website (www.bria.com.ph), inquire via the official BRIA Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/BriaHomesIncOfficial/), or log on to https://www.bria.com.ph/online-reservation/.


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