How To Break Down The Budget For A Cabo Vacation

Cabo is one of the great destinations in Mexico. It is famous for its Pacific Ocean beaches, its dramatic coastline, and its rich marine life – it is a great place to go whale watching or swimming with whale sharks. There is no shortage of things to see and do in Cabo for those going there for the first time. Cabo is a cheaper destination than what one may find in Florida – but that isn’t the same as free or necessarily cheap.

An important part of any trip is to properly budget for it. One of the easiest ways to do that is to stay in one of Cabo’s all-inclusive resorts (and they have a number that are nearly perfect). Other travelers would like to make their own way and do their own things, and avoid all-inclusive resorts. For these travelers in particular, it is important to plan and budget. Whenever budgeting for a trip, one should round up as expenses are very often more expensive in real life.


Daily Expenses & Cost Of Living In Cabo, Mexico

As Cabo is in Mexico, the prices are generally lower than in the United States. According to Numero, here are some prices of basic things to provide an idea of ​​what prices to expect.

  • Meal At Inexpensive Restaurant: $9.00 (Range $6.50-10.00)
  • Meal For 2, 3-Course Meal, Mid Range Restuarant: $60.00
  • McDonald’s McMeal: $6.68
  • Domestic Beer: $1.50 (0.5 Liter Draft)
  • Rent 3 Bedroom Apartment: $1,050 (In City Center)
  • Rent 1 Bedroom Apartment: $585 (In City Center) calculates that visitors need to spend around $95 per day while on vacation in Cabo. That is an average daily price derived from other visitors. They state that travelers tend to spend around $38 per day on meals and $18 for local transportation. The average hotel price for a couple is around $85.

Average Expenses In Cabo:

  • meals: $36 Per Day
  • Transportation: $18 Per Day
  • Accommodation: $85.00 Per Day Per Couple

In all, a holiday for two for a week is likely to cost around $1,329.

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Other Factors Affecting The Budget For Cabo

It would be a shame to visit Cabo and not go whale watching or swimming with the whale sharks – so research any desired activities and add them to one’s expense.

  • Tip: Always Over Budget Than Under Budget

Additionally, none of this includes the cost of international flights – these can vary wildly depending on the time of year and where one is flying from. Driving to Cabo with one’s own car is also an option, but it is around a 22-hour drive from San Diego.

  • Flights: Vary By Origin and Season
  • Cheapest Months: August And September

If one is looking for the time to visit Cabo that offers the best deals, then go from May to September. Of this time, the absolute best rates are in May, August, and September. During August and September, one may be able to get great discounts even at the best resorts. The catch is that it is the rainy season, so the forecast may be rain with the change of hurricanes.

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Book An All Inclusive Resort In Cabo

Perhaps the easiest way to manage one’s budget is to book an all-inclusive resort in Cabo. One example is Riu Palace in Cabo San Lucas. They offer four-night all-inclusive packages that include international flights. These packages can start as low as $869 but vary significantly.

Riu Palace is located just three miles from downtown Cabo San Lucas and has everything one needs for a great vacation in Baja, California. It has pools, Jacuzzis, unlimited access to Splash Water World, beachfront access, and six restaurants to choose from.

Restaurants include everything from Japanese to Mexican to Italian food and a selection of bars.

All inclusive includes things like:

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Meals At The Resort
  • Jacuzzis, Sauna, Swim-up Pool Bar

They have activities like sailing and snorkeling as well as motorized watersports (although these may incur additional costs).

  • Week Long All Inclusive Stay: Ball Park $1,500-$3,000 Per Person

These packages can vary wildly, so it is difficult to make many generalizations about the price, but a week-long stay at one of the resorts at Cabo with flights from New York City in October costs between $1,500-$3,000 per person.

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