Join Us for Eco-tourism That Reduces Carbon Emissions

Jeju Special Self-governing Province is kickstarting its carbon-reducing Eco-tourism Supporters program through the Eco-tourism Support Center to enhance the effectiveness of its project to foster and support eco-tourism in Jeju.

The Jeju Eco-tourism Support Center has been promoting supporter activities to introduce and vitalize Jeju’s eco-tourism areas through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube with a focus on the Jeju Eco-tourism Association.

Fully resuming its activities since the return to normal life after COVID-19, the Eco-tourism Supporters program is uploading two posts per week, consisting of card news utilizing a series of illustrations as a guide to carbon-reducing eco-tourism in addition to information on sidewalk trees in Jeju and introductions of eco-tourism locations.

The seasonal sidewalk tree information introduces eye-catching species of sidewalk trees for each season and nearby eco-tourism locations.

Specifically by month, the sidewalk tree series began in March, subsequently introducing round-leaf holly trees on Gwandeok-ro and Jungang-ro and a trendy café named Simji in April, the zelkova trees on Yeonsam-ro and Neulsom Workshop in May, hackberry trees and silver magnolia trees on Beonyeong-ro and Purun Bike Sharing in June, and rose of sharon flowers on Iljudong-ro and Jocheon Water School in July.

In particular, the guide on carbon-reducing eco-tourism has been presented through episodes on accommodation, food, and destinations (forest trails and beaches in Jeju) as eye-catching supporter activities.

From August, Jeju’s oreum, streams, wetlands, and springs will be introduced as part of carbon-reducing eco-tourism in conjunction with sidewalk trees such as Washington palm trees, ginkgo trees, mandarin trees, and camellia trees as well as eco-tourism spaces.

Director Heo Mun-jeong of the Jeju Environmental Preservation Bureau commented, “We will strive to vitalize eco-tourism in Jeju by discovering and expanding on the activities of the Eco-tourism Support Center and supporter activity contents.”

Meanwhile, the Eco-tourism Supporters program, which commenced in 2019, has been promoting social media activities, radio and TV appearances, and YouTube activities to promote and provide information on eco-tourism. Last year, it collaborated with illustration artists to post biweekly card news posts with illustrations presenting information on the climate change crisis based on the “Guide for Eco-tourists on Sightseeing in Nature.”

Information on the activities of Jeju Eco-tourism Supporters can be found on the following links.

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