Kenya Safaris- the New Frontier for India’s MICE Tourism

Meta: Kenyan safaris provide compelling choices for India’s MICE tourism market. How Kenya is seeking to woo Indian business tourists. Facts about Kenya that make it a viable alternative for the modern tourist

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There has been heightened demand for Kenya safaris, particularly in the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) sector.

Kenya wants to improve its performance in this market by bringing in more high-end tourists. The Indian MICE market provides a chance to accomplish this.

The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) has initiated several MICE-related projects and has, in the process, garnered some insights into the Kenyan travel industry.

That has resulted in Kenya being an ever more popular tourism and conferencing destination, with more improvements to the country’s offerings still underway.

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Since the Indian travel industry does not truly focus on specialized markets, it capitalizes on business prospects in both the leisure and MICE sectors.

Also, due to the favorable pricing offered by the Kenyan tourism sector, there has been a significant spike overall in Kenya-Indian tourism.

Of note is that Kenya tourism packages from India are varied, and the traveler is spoilt for choice on the kind of destination and activities they wish to experience.

As an Indian traveler, you may opt for a beach destination for your conferencing needs or delve into the safari circuit as the locale for your conferencing needs.

To help you with your decision-making, here are some attributes that make Kenya safaris ideal for organizations and individuals.

1. Varied attractions

Kenya is a nation of dramatic extremes and timeless contrasts that is well known for its classic savanna safaris. It is home to the mother of all African safaris- the Maasai Mara Game reserve.

It is also endowed with one of the most renowned pristine beaches in the world- Diani beach.

On a Kenya-India tourism package, you can wallow in deserts or snow-covered mountains; forests, wide-open plains, savannahs, or beaches.

Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, is a vibrant cosmopolitan city. Meanwhile, there are freshwater lakes and coral reefs in the vast countryside and coast. For many, Kenya is a miniature version of East Africa.

While other activities in Kenya include hiking Mount Kenya, hot air ballooning above the Maasai Mara, and snorkeling in Malindi on the Indian Ocean coast. Wildlife safaris have long been the country’s major draw for tourists.

No matter the attraction that proves most suitable for your event, one thing is for sure, a Kenya vacation exposes you to a wide variety of contrasts.

2. Robust infrastructure

Kenya’s tourist attractions include conference facilities, so it is possible to combine business and pleasure.

Kenya’s connectivity by land, sea, and air is constantly improving. Travel into and within the nation is becoming more accessible and more affordable.

Enhancing travel patterns and removing roadblocks that previously rendered more imaginative itineraries impractical has boosted tourism.

The nation boasts an impressive fleet of more than four airlines flying to seven inbound destinations at competitive rates. The airlines provide transportation to Malindi, Lamu, Kisumu, Ukunda, and Mombasa.

Direct charter flights to Maasai Mara and other distant locations are also available.

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For instance, Safarilink, an established competitor in the sector, operates 11 smaller Dash-8s and Cessnas to carry passengers to roughly 13 domestic locations, including Kilimanjaro, from its base at Nairobi’s Wilson International Airport.

Complementing the aviation industry is a vast network of tarmacked roads and a railway system servicing the country’s main attractions.

3. Warm people

Kenya features a wide range of ethnic groups. So diverse are Kenya’s ethnicities that one of the recognized tribes is the Indian community!

Overall, the country is home to 42 tribes. Some tribes have additional divisions called clans or sub-tribes, frequently referred to as families. As an illustration, there are about 18 clans among the Luhya tribe.

It’s critical to comprehend how complicated and occasionally overlapping Kenyan ethnic groupings are.

Today, there is less ethnic stratification, and Kenyans live in harmony with one another. Clan and ethnic group distinctions were valued highly in previous generations.

Indeed, choosing a husband and, occasionally, acquaintances was frequently based on ethnicity. Kenyans of younger generations, however, tend to be less aware of ethnic differences.

Nevertheless, while on a Kenya vacation, you get a glimpse into the cultures and heritage of these unique communities, with the most culturally inclined ones being the Maasai people.

4.Excellent weather

Being a tropical country, Kenya enjoys favorable warm weather for most of the year.

The country straddles the equator and its dry season is the best time to visit.

The dry season typically lasts from July to September and corresponds with the Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra, and is one of the greatest seasons to visit Kenya.

Scheduling your business conferences and events to coincide with the migration could be one of the most rewarding choices.

However, traveling during the wet seasons is also recommended for those wishing to spend less because there are fewer tourists, and you can see the stunning emerald flora.

On average, Kenya tourism packages from India can be as low as $200-290 per person sharing for a budget safari and $290-$500 for a mid-luxury safari.

Nevertheless, getting yourself a customized luxury Kenya tourism package from India is possible upon negotiation with one of Kenya’s professional travel companies.

Kenya is fantastic in December since the rains are brief, and you can view baby animals and migratory bird species. Only the ‘long rains’ peak in March, April, and May are stormy.

5. Wealth of Activities

The total Kenya safari cost is also largely determined by the activities you opt for. For MICE tourism, these may range from the type of conference amenities you book, whether or not you wish to have a wildlife safari as part of your trip, etc.

The country has various activities spread across its different locales. For instance, your executives could enjoy hot air balloon rides across the Maasai Mara, walking safaris, and other fun Mara activities besides game drives. Down at the coast, you may also opt for kitesurfing, luxury dhow rides, snorkeling tours, dolphin watching, etc.

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