5 train journeys you must plan this monsoon

Traveling by train during monsoons is the best way to experience the natural beauty of India. Train journeys let one encounter the significant aspects of nature from up close. During monsoons, fresh air, soothing breeze and rustic smell of wet Earth make the journey even more beautiful and memorable. Among other travel mediums,

Trains are the best option during rainy seasons as there’s less path turbulence than flights and road trips. In this article, we have compiled a list of monsoon train journeys you must consider to have unforgettable travel experiences. Sripad Vaidya, Co-Founder & COO of ConfirmTkt has listed these train routes you must travel during monsoons:

Bengaluru to Goa

This train route will introduce you to India’s lush green belt. Book a ticket online from Bengaluru to Goa’s Vasco-da-Gama and enjoy the view of flatlands, coconut trees, and beaches while passing through South Karnataka. The monsoon season will showcase the region’s rain-soaked beauty, waterfalls (including the popular Dudhsagar fall) and widespread flora on the way.

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Bhubaneswar to Berhampur

It is one of the best scenic rail routes that travelers must never miss. The train journey lets you encounter eye-catching views of lush green trees and beautiful Chilika Lake on the way. While passing through the jungle, you might see a few migratory birds that usually move during monsoons. Hence, train travel from Bhubaneswar to Berhampur lets you experience pleasing aspects of nature and wildlife.

Kalka to Shimla

We suggest taking the toy train ride from the route between Kalka to Shimla during the rainy season. It will take you on a train trip over a narrow gauge railway and let you feel the alluring and mesmerizing atmosphere and nearby hill towns during monsoons. Throughout the path, you will get views of thick bushes and greener than ever trees. Here, scattered clouds look like they are touching the landscape, giving an unreal scenery. The overall magnificence can charm any train passenger, even those familiar with the route.

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New Jalpiaguri to Ghoom

Monsoon months are the best time to take the train from New Jalpaiguri to Ghoom in Darjeeling. Darjeeling is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the toy train between NJM and Ghoom has been one of its admired facilities. You will witness stunning views of landscapes by taking the train route. However, you won’t be seeing the great Himalayan peaks like Mt. Kanchenjunga as a path does not cross near these locations. But, its ancient mountain route can perfectly compensate for it. The route also lets you encounter the colonial charm by showcasing tunnels and structures made of old bricks.

Guwahati to Silchar

Book your ticket to take a journey of a lifetime between Guwahati and Silchar. The route takes you through the eye-soothing sight of river Jatinga’s fresh blue waters and Assam valley’s abundant forests. You will also get to see the famous tea plantations in the area. Moreover, the route passes through the Lumdig and Barak Valley, making it a pleasant train journey.

Traveling by train is an adventurous experience, which becomes incomparable during the delightful monsoon season. “There are many routes to explore during this time, but we shared the best ones to help you enhance your experience. With online services today, you can check the availability of tickets online, book from the comfort of your home and hop on the train to experience beautiful journeys with your family and friends,” Vaidya said.


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