It’s scorching, but there are still many ways to have fun outside

How to escape the scorching heat and enjoy the holiday in Jiading? Camping, swimming, kayaking, fishing. Cool off and enjoy some romance or fun with the family.

Phiser Country Club

In the hot summer, the most pleasant thing is to find a cool place where you can not only find shelter from the scorching sun, but also enjoy beautiful scenery. In Waigang Town, there’s such a “cool world.”

The Phiser Country Club has many outdoor activities, such as kayaking, barbecues and camping. It is a top choice for many people.

Brightly colored boats are dotted on the sparkling lake, which is very eye-catching. Professional coaches teach visitors basic kayaking skills.

After making some practices, tourists can paddle kayaks on rural rivers and explore the water world by themselves.

Back on shore, there is also archery and other games to choose from for fun and keeping fit.

The outdoor barbecue here is also very special. Charcoal fire enhances the flavor of the meat. Bring other ingredients and rent a stove to cook up a treat.

After sunset, the heat gradually dissipates, and the open field is the best place to set up a tent.

Come and start a romantic camping trip, or work with your family and friends to build a “small home” in the countryside!

Zhou Hong

Address: Jiabei Country Park, Waigang Town (near Baima Bridge)
Opening hours: 9am-6pm, Monday to Sunday
Booking number: 18123901347

Henga Holiday Park

Visit Henga Holiday Park in Huating Town to have a great camping experience.

As a national 4-star holiday park for leisure agriculture and rural tourism, Henga Holiday Park covers 21 hectares.

The air is fresh, the lake wide and the water clear. The birds are tweeting and the flowers are fragrant. The leisure and entertainment facilities are extensive.

There are romantic and homey cottages, cute ice cream carts and greenery everywhere, including an arched green tunnel. Compared with other seasons, the Henga Holiday Park in midsummer is wilder and more poetic.

Under the blue sky and white clouds, the lake surrounded by green trees is sparkling, and sometimes small crabs spitting bubbles can be seen.

During the day, you can camp and have a picnic on the lawn, play frisbee and jump on the trampoline. You can plant and pick vegetables in the fields. And you can also cool off in the water, or have a lively kayak race to chill out. In the evening, you can have a barbecue with your friends to enjoy the food and heal through the nature, or just sit in a tent with friends and look up at the stars.

Finally, sleep soundly with the wind rustling the leaves and the humming insects. Have pleasant summer dreams as you sleep.

Visitors can not only choose among various camping themed activities regularly launched by the park, but also get customized services to better cater to their own needs.

A bonfire party, open-air movies, fireworks, a music party – you can arrange all the fun you can think of without leaving Shanghai.

It's scorching, but there are still many ways to have fun outside

Lu Beibei

Address: 778 Xuxing Road, Huating Town
Opening hours: 9am-6pm, Monday to Sunday
Booking number: 18901909199

Anting Olympic Sports Park

Jungle exploration, a dinosaur slide, rock climbing, trampolines, see-saws – there is a forest playground in the Olympic Sports Park in Anting New Town. Bring your kids to play and get close to nature during the holidays.

At dusk when the heat is dissipating, you can have a picnic on the lawn with your children, or you can sit in a tent with your family and friends, watching the children run and play.

There is a cool place just across the road from the Olympic Sports Park. You can find lotus ponds, lawns and small creeks where you can take a net bag and catch some small fish and shrimp. Summer life in the city can also be pleasant, despite this year’s heat.

It's scorching, but there are still many ways to have fun outside

Zhang Xinyi

Anting Olympic Sports Park

Address: 228 Anli Road, Anting Town
Opening hours: Around the clock
Free admission to everyone.

Yinxiang Lake Park

Yinxiang Lake Park is in the south of the Yinnanxiang Culture and Business District of Nanxiang Town.

It echoes with Shanghai Guyi Garden in the south and Liuyun Lake in the north to form a “green lung” of the town while integrating ancient and modern elements.

Waterfront footpaths, viewing platforms, wooden trestles, bridges, wetlands and other elements run through the core of the park.

With trees, water, forests and islands, it offers a landscape integrating urban and rural beauties.

As one of the signature games on Yinxiang Lake, canoeing cannot be missed. In the hot summer, paddling on the sparkling lake is full of fun.

It's scorching, but there are still many ways to have fun outside

Zhu Gaoyic

Address: Jinmai Road, Nanxiang Town
Opening hours: Around the clock
Free admission to everyone. For kayaking, call 13916152852 or 13918709663 (weekend only). Advance booking is required on weekdays, and for team activities.

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