Protect our Water Jackson Hole to host Rally for Clean Water, Sept. 8

JACKSON, Wyo. — Join Protect our Water Jackson Hole for the Rally for Clean Water on Sept. 8 at Center for the Arts to learn about how we can restore and protect our water resources. This free family-friendly event is from 4-9 pm on the lawn, theater and lobby at The Center and will bring the community together to raise awareness, discuss solutions, and inspire action for the water quality issues facing Teton County.

There is a strong body of evidence that suggests the groundwater in our aquifer is being contaminated.

What is an aquifer? An aquifer is an underground layer of permeable rock that holds water. Our aquifer is extra special because it is designated by the Environmental Protection Agency as a Sole Source Aquifer. Two factors influence this important designation. First, the Snake River Sole Source Aquifer provides drinking water to nearly the entire population of the region, and second, there are no viable alternative drinking water sources to serve our community.

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