A Guide For Those Seeking Extended Summer Adventures

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After being forced to sit out a couple of travel seasons, Americans are ready to pack up, get out of their usual environment and enjoy some summer adventures. In fact, according to research firm McKinsey & Company, people are taking their summer travel seriously. They found that 68 percent of Americans plan on traveling this summer, and that the majority won’t be letting inflation stop them. But people aren’t just craving any regular old trip. This summer, it isn’t about lazing around a swimming pool sipping daiquiris. The polls and surveys have all found one thing: people are craving some summer adventure. According to adventure tourism group arrival, 40 percent of summer travelers want to try an active excursion. If you’ve also been hoping to dip your toes into something outside of your comfort zone, here are some summer adventure ideas to give you inspiration for your next trip.

For The Thrill Seeker

Try White Water Rafting

Group of people rowing their raft in river

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If you’re looking for a high-intensity, thrilling experience that’s like a DIY-water-roller-coaster, look into white water rafting. Put simply, it’s the act of going down an inflatable raft on “white water” (another term for rough waters). You and the others in your party use oars to navigate the waters and get around natural obstacles. There are several levels of difficulty. These include: Class 1) which is done on small waves, Class 2) which is done over slightly more turbulent rapids, Class 3) in which there are many high waves, rocks, rapids and irregular patterns.

For The Speed ​​Demon

Go Tubing

A speedboat pulling a rubber dinghy

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If you just want to experience the wind in your face at high speeds, all while enjoying a refreshing day on the lake, go tubing. In tubing, a large inner tube is attached to the back of a speed boat. Passengers get on the tube, holding tight onto grab handles, and are towed around a body of water at high speeds. If your boat captain wants to kick things up a notch, they can throw some tight turns in there and take you over large waves.

For The Relaxed Adventurer

Experience Parasailing

Silhouette of a person parasailing at sunset, Bahamas

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Parasailing is perfect for those who want to see the sites from a new perspective but don’t feel like putting in much work. In parasailing, you’ll strap into a seat that’s attached to a special canopy that looks a lot like a parachute. This canopy is then towed by a boat, and floats high above the water so you can take in a relaxed view of your surroundings. This is one of those summer adventures that let you enjoy the great outdoors without breaking a sweat.

For The Romantic

Take A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Colorful hot air balloon flying in the blue sky

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If you’re in the market for something quirky, a little retro and very romantic, book yourself and your partner a hot air balloon ride. Hot air balloons generally rise to between 1,000 and 3,000 feet above the ground and move at slow speeds. They’re the perfect place to enjoy a bottle of champagne and a picnic (and maybe even propose, if that’s on your radar).

For The Exhibitionist

Visit A ​​Nudist Beach

Nudist beach in Agon Coutainville, Normandy, France

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Ready to break free of the confines of societal rules? Feeling stifled and smothered by proper etiquette and guidelines? Looking for summer adventures that let you be yourself, completely? Okay, let’s say what we mean: do you want to walk around naked in public? We don’t judge, and if you’ve always wanted to try it, MADAMENOIRE lists six beaches where you can bare it all here.

For The Athlete

Learn To Surf

A woman enjoys a beautiful afternoon floating on a paddleboard.

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If you’re looking for something challenging that will literally and figuratively knock you on your ass, take some surf lessons. Surfing is one of the most physically trying sports that pushes every part of your body to the limits, all the while putting you up close and personal with Mother Nature via the ocean. If you’re wondering how and where to get started, MADAMENOIRE did a piece on this Black surf instructor who started a movement to get more BIPOC individuals on the water.

For The Odd Ball

Try Zorbing

Zorbing on water

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Those looking for something a little weird and highly Instagrammable should consider Zorbing. Zorbing involves running down a hill inside of a giant see-through plastic sphere. For an extra thrill, sometimes it’s done on the water. People use their hands and feet to push the ball forward. In some cases, you Zorb next to several others, eventually crashing your balls together (don’t worry – it doesn’t hurt). If you just want to experience gravity in a whole new way and laugh a lot while you’re doing it, try Zorbing.

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