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Conrad Manila launches ‘Taste of Malaysia’

When one thinks of Malaysian cuisine, what usually come to mind are dishes that are full of spices, fresh ingredients, and boast aromas that awake the senses. Enjoying Malaysian food is beyond just sustenance, it is a cultural experience that gives everyone a crash course in the country’s vibrant culinary heritage.

Nasi lemak station or ‘Taste of Malaysia’

This month, Malaysia comes to the Philippines through “Taste of Malaysia,” the latest food offering of Brasserie on 3 restaurant at Conrad Manila. Until Sept. 16, diners can explore the rich and flavorful Malay cuisine, prepared by the luxury hotel’s executive chef, Warren Brown, together with guest chef, Karim Mustaffa from Hilton Kuala Lumpur.

“Taste of Malaysia” is launched in celebration of Malaysia Day (Sept. 16) and the Philippines’ National Heroes Day (Aug. 29). Joining Conrad Manila’s general manager Linda Pecoraro at the ribbon-cutting ceremony were Malaysian Embassy to the Philippines Deputy Head of Mission Mohd Fareed Zakaria and Malaysian Embassy to the Philippines Tourism Attache Yazlina Yahya.

Mohd Fareed Zakaria (center) and Linda Pecoraro (extreme right) leading the ribbon-cutting ceremony

“Today we rejoice on the special date of Malaysia Day on Sept. 16, a day of independence and heroism, which compliments the Philippines National Heroes Day on Aug. 29. We are celebrating two cultures of these countries and understanding our common goals of valuing heritage and history,” Linda said during the launch last Aug. 24. “Our partnership with the Embassy of Malaysia to the Philippines for our food promotion is a perfect combination of our strong efforts to strengthen our national brands. ‘Taste of Malaysia’ best encapsulates our multicultural food in the special cuisines they have prepared and serves as our common objective to build confidence for our stakeholders in the agenda of tourism promotion.”

Chefs Warren Brown and Karim Mustaffa

A true Malaysian feast awaits at Brasserie on 3. From grilled eats like satays to savory curry soups, one can explore Malaysian flavors in different ways. the kerabu ikan goreng dan kacang panjang is a refreshing dish made by combining fried fish and a long bean salad. It is a light yet flavorful dish, the perfect beginning to your Malaysian gastronomic journey. Diners shouldn’t also miss visiting its nasi lemak station, where they can customize their version of the famous Malay rice dish. For a sweet ending, pair the onde-onde, sweet rice cake balls filled with molten palm sugar and coated in grated coconut, with the truly comforting teh tarik hot milk tea. The coconut notes of the dessert are perfectly complemented by the rich taste of the warm tea.

“Taste of Malaysia” is available daily for buffet lunch and dinner with prices starting at P2.450 nett per head. For reservations, send an email to [email protected] or visit

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