Memphian killed by militants while fighting for Ukraine

A Memphis man died in Ukraine after volunteering to fight against Russian invaders, leaving his family grief-stricken and attempting to retrieve his remains from a foreign country at war.

The mother of Joshua Alan Jones, Misty Gossett, acknowledged her son’s death on Facebook and spoke briefly about her grief, but did not respond to a request for an interview.

In a Monday post, she urged family and friends to not comment until Jones’ body is returned.

“Our main goal is to get his body home, saying the wrong thing could affect this for us, his family,” said Gossett, who lives in DeSoto County, Mississippi. “We all want to celebrate his life and share our stories, but sadly, this is not the time. Our boy is in an active war zone…I promise, I hate it has to be this way.”

Joshua Jones was 24-years-old when he was killed in Ukraine.  He was a veteran of the US Army and went overseas to fight on behalf of Ukraine.

The State Department confirmed that an American died in Ukraine, but declined to release the person’s identity. The Russian state news outlet TASS identified Jones and showed video and photos of what it said was Jones’ passport.

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