Tripura opposition terms Nadda’s claim of development “false”

Agartala: Tripura’s opposition parties CPI-M and Congress on Tuesday slammed BJP National president JP Nadda for his twin claims that the state government led by his party has fulfilled all the promises made before the 2018 assembly polls and political violence has come down to zero.

The lone Congress MLA Sudip Roybarman said that it was “unfortunate” that a tall leader like Nadda has made such remarks. The people of Tripura have now realized that the BJP resorts to well-orchestrated “lies and falsehoods” to befool the masses.

“Tripura figures at the top in terms of political violence in the country. People who align with the opposition parties are subjected to torture in the state. Their houses are ransacked, family members are assaulted and property is damaged. More than 5000 such incidents have been perpetrated by BJP goons on the opposition workers and leaders and MLAs including me,” Roybarman stated.

The BJP nurtured the culture of “violence and political brutality” introduced by the communists following the West Bengal model. All criminals, anti-socials, drug addicts, and corrupt people

became BJP cadres and became part of its motorbike gang under the direct patronage of BJP leaders and ministers,” Roybarman underlined.

“The crime against women in Tripura is the highest under BJP’s rule. The general law and order has collapsed completely because of police inaction. Nobody is safe today in Tripura because the BJP government is running a jungle raj and if JP Nadda feels this is good governance. I must say he should correct himself immediately before facing public outrage,” Roybarman said.

The CPI-M State Secretary Jitendra Chowdhury, however, stated that Nadda’s speech of appreciation was nothing but an encouragement to the state government to “bulldoze democracy” and to continue the “onslaught” on peoples’ rights. Nadda made all the false statements in the press conference making the BJP’s stand clear.

“About a thousand people including journalists were implicated in false cases including sedition charges under the BJP’s rule in Tripura for criticizing the government on social media. None of the political violence has been investigated so far. People are afraid of exercising their personal rights and choices because of BJP’s vendetta politics, which voters wwon’tt tolerate in the next election,” Choudhury said.

He further stated the BJP resorted to “terror tactics” just to prevent people from asking about the price rise and law and order deterioration and added, “The price of basic food and household items

have doubled in the last two years. The consumer market has been deregulated for businessmen and common people are dying.”

“Nadda’s claim of implementing poll promises made in 2018 is a complete lie. They promised to provide the seventh central pay scale for the employees but didn’t. Annual job were pledged to 50,000 youths every year. They promised to make Tripura a tourism and education hub,

bring investment for industries and develop infrastructure, but, in reality, nothing was done except

the looting of the public exchequer by the outside contractors. BJP has made the state poor,” Choudhury added.

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